Music from Germany – Migthy Oaks

The Migthy Oaks are a german folk music band from Berlin. Singer Ian Hooper who crew up in the south of Seattle, came to Germany in 2008 and met Claudio Donzelli from Italy und Craig Saunders from Englang in Hamburg. After several jobs and studies, they decided to focus on their music and formed the band in 2010. Listen to their great song “Brother”:

Music from Denmark – Kaka

Kaka, born in 1992, means brother in Swahili and is a great reggae and dancehall shootingstar from Sweden! Listen to the nice song “En sidste sang” in english ‘A last song’

Whenever I remind music from Denmark, I remind of Nephew and any more bands Truels told me about. Thanks Truels for this suggestion!!

Music from Australia – Julia Stone

Julia Stone, best known for her work with Angus Stone, her brother, is an australian singer. Here’s her nice song “Maybe”:


Worldmusic – the documentary film “Baraka “

Baraka , a documentary film from 1992 . Baraka has no plot, no storyline, no actors, no dialogue nor any voice-over. Instead, the film uses themes to present new steps and evoke emotion through pure cinema. Baraka is a kaleidoscopic, global compilation of both natural events and by fate, life and activities of humanity on Earth.

Music by Michael Stearns,Dead Can Dance,David Hykes/ The Harmonic Choir,Somei Satoh,Anugama & Sebastiano,Kohatchiro Miyata Incuyo,L. Subramaniam,Mönche des Dip Tse Chok Ling Klosters,Rustawi-Chor,Ciro Hurtado,

20 years ago Ron Fricke filmed this materpiece “Baraka” , the name of this film comes from the Sufi Language and means “breath of life” . Fricke filmed in Tansania, China, Brasilien, Japan, Kuwait, Kambodscha, Iran, Nepal and 16 other coutries all over the world on all 6 continents . Over 14 months he studied  what animates the human race in the past, present and future.

He leads the people to the mystery of life, the spirit of nature.

Music from the US – Ratatat

Ratatat is an US-american indie-electro  music duo from New York. Actually, I’ve never heard something about them, but today I found their damn good song “Breaking Away”:

Music from Ghana – Mimi Divalish

Mimi Divalish, Born as Wilhelmina Abiba Abu-Andani, Mimi who has now changed her name to “Habiba”  is a former Big Brother Africa housemate, a chemist, a fashion designer, songstress and a princess of the Andani Throne in Northern Ghana. She is signed to Movingui Records,managed by Paradise Entertainment and a realist who would speak her mind even if that would spark another controversy. Here´s her song “Leave Me Alon”

Find more about Mimi here

Music from Germany – Fritz Kalkbrenner

Fritz Kalkbrenner, born in 1981, is a german Berlin-based DJ. He is also the brother of Paul Kalkbrenner, a german techno producer. Here’s his great song “Wes”. Turn it up!

Eurovision Song Contest: Finland -Pernilla Karlsson

Pernilla Karlsson is a Singer from Finland who will represent her county in 2012 in Baku. The Song was composed by her brother Jonas Karlsson. Parnilla was before the contest totally unknown in the showbiz, she was singing only as a hobby . Her Song “Nar Jag Blundar”