Worldmusic – the documentary film “Baraka “

Baraka , a documentary film from 1992 . Baraka has no plot, no storyline, no actors, no dialogue nor any voice-over. Instead, the film uses themes to present new steps and evoke emotion through pure cinema. Baraka is a kaleidoscopic, global compilation of both natural events and by fate, life and activities of humanity on Earth.

Music by Michael Stearns,Dead Can Dance,David Hykes/ The Harmonic Choir,Somei Satoh,Anugama & Sebastiano,Kohatchiro Miyata Incuyo,L. Subramaniam,Mönche des Dip Tse Chok Ling Klosters,Rustawi-Chor,Ciro Hurtado,

20 years ago Ron Fricke filmed this materpiece “Baraka” , the name of this film comes from the Sufi Language and means “breath of life” . Fricke filmed in Tansania, China, Brasilien, Japan, Kuwait, Kambodscha, Iran, Nepal and 16 other coutries all over the world on all 6 continents . Over 14 months he studied  what animates the human race in the past, present and future.

He leads the people to the mystery of life, the spirit of nature.

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