Music from Finnland – Fredi / Jontti & Shaka

Today and yesterday – the international hit “kolmatta linjaa takaisin” in english “beautyful in the rain ” from Fredi and as a rap cover from Jonti & Shanta ” i love the refrain , don´t understand anything but who cares ^^

Eurovision Song Contest: Finland -Pernilla Karlsson

Pernilla Karlsson is a Singer from Finland who will represent her county in 2012 in Baku. The Song was composed by her brother Jonas Karlsson. Parnilla was before the contest totally unknown in the showbiz, she was singing only as a hobby . Her Song “Nar Jag Blundar”

Music from Finland – The Feenades

I give here an old traditional song from Finland. It is in Finnish Ajomies by the Feenades. Freely translated into English it could be “Driver”; especially driver of Troika. There are no language problems, because it is Electric Guitar Music, but very soft. It is a little melancholy, but beautiful.

This was a Music-Suggestion from Sartenada, thanks!