Music from Iran/Sweden – Laleh

Laleh, born in 1982 in Iran, is a swedisch actor and singer. She is very well known for her nice pop and indie folk music and had a huge succes with her album ‘Sjung’. Listen to her song “Some Die Young”:

Also listen to her great song “Vårens Första Dag”, in english “Spring’s First Day”:

Music from the US – Years Around The Sun

Years Around The Sun is a San Diego-based band formed in 2004. They’re best known for electro and indie music. Listen to their – a bit – experimental piece “Home”:

Remember their song “Miles Away” <3

Music from Finland – French Films

French Films is a band from Helsinki, Finland. Their music is a mix of dream pop and indie music. Listen to their nice song “Latter Days”, from 2013:

Music from the UK – Peace

Peace are an English Indie band based in Birmingham.  Peace have already fired off impressive salvos in last year’s “Follow Baby” single off the Delicious EP.  They have now released their debut album In Love.  Peace is nominated this year for Sound of 2013 by BBC and Best New Band by NME.  This is their new single “Bloodshake.”

Music from the UK – Josh Kumra

Josh Kumra (born 1992) is a British singer-songwriter who started playing guitar at age 12.  He was signed to Sony RCA in 2011.  This is his fantastic single “Waiting for You”.  He has not yet announced a new album.

Music from the UK – Everything Everything

Everything Everything are a British Indie band from Manchester that formed in 2007.  The band has released two albums.  This is their single “Kemosabe” which is off their latest album Arc, which was released in January.

Music from the USA – The Last Royals

The Last Royals are an indie/pop group out of New York City with a great sound.  They have an EP out and are expected to release their debut full length album, Twistification,  January 2013.  This is their great song, “Always, to Belong”.