Music from Bermuda/Canada – Mishka

Love Mishka, born in Bermuda, and well known in the surfing scene, and his relaxing reggae beats… His music is always impressing again for me! Listen to his song “Neva give up”, what is my message for you too ;)

Music from Japan – FreeTEMPO

FreeTEMPO is a chilled music project from Japan. Listen to their nice song “Sky High”:

Music from Oman – DJ AA

DJ AA startet DJing in clubs in Boston about 7 years ago. Listen to his great mix of “Small Bumps” by Ed Sheeran & Chromatics:

Music from Iran – Dariush

Dariush Eghbali, born in 1952, is known as the greatest Iranian pop singers of all time. Listen to his wonderful voice in his great song “Donyaye In Roozaye Man”:

Thanks orientaldrumming for this nice one!

Music from Zimbabwe, Mali & Nigeria – C’est pas bon

BRANDNEW SONG! A song I don’t know more about, but it’s multi-cultural. Seems to be from Fore from Mali. But it’s awesome good african music. The ‘Ce n’est pas bon’ in the background is by Amadou & Mariam. About political and society problems. “C’est pas Bon”, in english: that’s not good:

Music from Germany – Dú Maroc

Dú Maroc, born in 1985 is a german rapper with moroccan roots. His single “One Touch”, featuring Jonesmann is about german childs society problems, which could for example in this song, solved by football. It tells us that everyone can do some great things with his life, if he knows how to deal with his life. Hold on, you’re gonna reach your dreams.

Music from the US – Beau Jocque & the Zydeco Hi Rollers

Beau Jocque, born in 1953, was an US-american zydeco musician, who died too young in the age of 46 in 1999 after a heart attack when he was at the hight of his career. Listen to his great song “One Kiss”:

Music from Greece – Livin R & K Mass

Livin R & K Mass are a greek house and lounge producing duo from Athens. Listen to their damn awesome good chilled remix of “Midnigh Summer Dream”:

Music from Germany – Mirco Niemeier

Mirco Niemeier is a german DJ and producer from Berlin. His mix of “Vapour” by Aleah is so awesome good!