Music from the US – Waylon Jennings

Waylond Arnold “Waylon” Jennings (born June 15, 1937 in Littlefield, Texas, † 13 February 2002 in Chandler, Arizona) was an American country music singer and musician. He was next to Willie Nelson’s one of the most successful singers of the outlaw movement. His surname was Waymore.

1958 he met the Rock n Roll Star Buddy Holly , who just separated from his band The Cricket and searched new band members , he played afterwards the bass guitar in Buddy´s new band. Due to a lucky incident he survived the plane crash from Buddy Holly ,t he Big Bobber and Richie Valns and the other band members , because he gave his place in the accident plane to another band member and took the bus to the next gig.

Later in Nashille  he met Jonny Cash, he shared an appartment  with him  and they became friends and have been later well known as “the Hellraisers”

Here is his song “The Wild Ones ”

Music from the UK – The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are on of the most popular bands worldwide ever. Listen to their awesome good single “Pain It, Black”, from the year 1966, which was  a #1 hit in many countries. The video, accompanied by some images of the Vietnam war is also interesting.

Music from France – Zaz

Zaz is a french jazz and chanson singer, born in 1980. Listen to her song “On Ira”, from her latest album ‘Recto Verso’:

Music from Australia – Vance Joy

Vance Joy is a folk pop musician from Australia, best known for his nice voice. Listen to his great summer song “Riptide”:

Music from Germany – City

City is a german band, formed in 1972 in eastern Berlin in the DDR. The had a great success with their nice piece “Am Fenster”, in 1977:

Music from the UK – Will Tun and the Wasters

Will Tun and the Wasters are a ska, folk and acoustic band from Reading, UK. Listen to their second single “Cracks in the wall”:

Music from Zimbabwe, Mali & Nigeria – C’est pas bon

BRANDNEW SONG! A song I don’t know more about, but it’s multi-cultural. Seems to be from Fore from Mali. But it’s awesome good african music. The ‘Ce n’est pas bon’ in the background is by Amadou & Mariam. About political and society problems. “C’est pas Bon”, in english: that’s not good:

Music from Portugal – Samuel Úria

The portuguese language is so damn beautiful, thanks Marí!! Samuel Úria, born in 1979, is a portuguese musician. Listen to his nice piece “Eu Seguro”:

Music from Turkey – Cem Karaca

Cem Karaca, born in 1945 was a turkish rock singer who died in 2004. After an military coup in 1980, many intellectuals were arested, and so he left for an exile in Germany. My friend Emre is a big fan of him – for right! Listen to his amazing song “Oh Be”, including the “most turkish” instrument, the saz, or baglama. It’s a bout his wish to come back to his homeland Turkey. But he wasn’t allowed…

Listen to Mein Deutscher Freund

Music from Italia – Andrea Valeri

And it just won’t stop, this guitar evening! Andrea Valeri is an Italian fingerpicking guitarist from Pisa. Listen to his brilliant cover of the classic “Sultans of String” by the Dire Straits: