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This a blog of several music lovers from around the world.

It all started up with Yeleen, a Hip-Hop, Reggae and traditional African music band from Burkina Faso. I was getting more and more interested in World Music, and so I decided to write about. Today this is a blog about the music from all around the world. XWorldMusic grew quickly and we’re proud of this! We are usually not writing more than a few sentences and just want to present our sounds.

Save our world, it’s unique. It’s the only, so don’t destroy it !!!

Music all over the world – and peace all over the world ;)

Stan (without you this would just be half as good!) and Xandi

Special thanks to Cordula Kerlikowski for drawing our logo and all the others having written here.

PS: You can contact and support us on our Contact “post”, by liking, visiting and sharing. A german disclaimer is here

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  1. I think you should include this a new ‘Lithuanian’ category :) Lithuanians are all about basketball and this song was played everyday during the Basketball Championship ‘Eurobasket 2011’ hosted in Lithuania! :)

    1. thanks for your comment. I’ll soon do it. Nice songs, but I deleted the links.OK???
      If you’ve anymore nice music for my blog, just write a music suggestion. :D

  2. Hello Xandi :-) I saw your comment on my blog (thanks for that!) – and had a look on yours. A music blog – great, that is the first time I’ve seen such one. As you may have seen in my sidebar: I like music too, so I will be back here in between and listen to some of your suggestions….
    BUT!!! You don’t have any Danish music – yet! What about one of these two young ladies?:


    1. Thanks, I saw your music on your blog! Nice! I’ll post some Dansih Music soon…. :)
      Thanks for your comment and your suggestions.. :D
      Every Suggestion is welcome, so you can write me again…. :)

    2. like the first one but the video is really bad. Just lots of random attempts to shock. the second one is great. both the music and visuals work well together. Lovely voice. Reminds me of Laura Marling. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a superb collection ! Thanks for visiting my blog – through which I found yours.
    Keep in touch , Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

  4. Well it’s not complete without taking music from Asia, is it? LOL

    I could introduce you some traditional music from Indonesia :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog by the way :)

  5. I’m enjoying trawling all your posts within your blog, xandi, I shall follow you with great interest.

    Thanks for ticking the like button on my post, too.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is very unique, looks like a great place to experience music from far and wide.

  7. Thank you for “liking” my blog – though I know it was the title that tickled your curiosity. (Diamonds in the Holes of her Chews) I’ve been looking through your blog today and see the thread of peace being woven creatively and lovingly. Many thanks for this approach to authentic connectedness, Xandi.

  8. This is a great blog you have. I’ve added you to both my blogrolls, if that’s okay. :-) I’m curious how you got that flag counter, since you’re on WP.com. Did you use the text widget and insert a link or something?

    1. Yeah, thanks Ian! I’ve these two counters for about one month now(I’m already blooging “active” since 2,5 months ;) )To embed them, I used the text widget and inserted the link ;)
      If you’ve any more questions, or some Music-Suggestions, just write me ;)

  9. This is a great blog, didn’t realize there was someone else doing music from around the world. Thanks for your likes on my blog. Great job with yours, interesting posts and extensive use of the topic :)

  10. Xandi,
    Glad you are happy with my posts. How can I get more traffic to my site like you do with yours. Have you got any tips you can share with me as how you get all your visitors?

    1. You can write comments on other blogs, like post and tag every article. After 2 months(I’m really active since october), you would get hits from google searches(open your blog for search engines), but in the first month(s) you actually are growing slowly ;)
      write comments(search by tags: http://wordpress.com/#!/topics/), and also link your profile, so if someone hits your “gravatar”, he could find your site!!
      if you need any tipps, no prob ;)
      I hope I could help you!!

  11. I love the idea of your blog. I will certainly have a look around every once in a while! There is so much music in this world and it always tells us so much about the people and their culture.

  12. Hi! This is Steven. I write the backtothegarden00 blog. I just wanted to say that I started writing just to try to entertain my friends and because I love to write and tell stories. You’re the first random stranger to read it. At least the first one to comment. That actually makes me very happy. Thank you. I am also a music lover so your blog is very interesting for me and I started following it immediately.

  13. Hey there, Xandimusic – I saw you stopped-by my blog…thank you for visiting and letting me know. You have a unique site…very interesting. I have a couple CDs of African and other international music…mostly the calming stuff that touches the core. Will see you around, Scott.

  14. Something was wrong with the music suggestion. Anyway these are artist only and no songs. it is all Hip Hop from different countries of Africa. maybe there is some you like or else Hip Hop lovers can go on their own small search ;-)

    Reggie Rockstone – Ghana
    Pitcho – D.R of Congo
    Abass Abass _ Senegal
    Awadi – Senegal
    Daara J – senegal
    Positive Black Soul – Senegal
    Sister Fa – Senegal
    African Akhlou Bi – Senegal
    General Snipe – Senegal
    Silatigui – Senegal
    Gaston –
    Dread Skeezo and Dread Maxim
    GBS or Gokh-Bi System _ Senegal
    Young nations South Africa / USA
    Tinny – Ghana
    Movaizhaleine- Gabon / France (this I really like)
    M3NSA – GHANA / UK
    Moodphase5ive – South Africa
    Godessa – South Africa
    Lions of Zion- South Africa
    Tykoon Suit – South Africa
    Mr. Mo – South Africa
    Proverb- South Africa
    Black Dillinger – South Africa (really good) check the song Big Trouble , although he does more dancehall
    The Last Two – Ghana
    Lord of Ajasa – Nigeria (Ajasa means flavor in Yoruba)
    Winky D – Zimbabwe
    P-Unit – Kenya
    Nonini – kenya
    TKZEE – South Africa
    Tuks – South Africa (debut 2005)
    Zulu Boy – South Africa
    Zola – South Africa **
    Pitch Black Afro – South Africa
    D’banj – Nigeria
    Gidi Gidi Maji Maji – Kenya
    Skwatta kamp – South Africa
    Optical illusion – South Africa
    Mr. Selwyn – South Africa (a hip hop pioneer)

    Well that is it. Enjoy!

    Shabazz Palaces is some really heavy Hip hop from Seattle

    1. will listen to the bands I don’t know already soon! Actually I don’t post to much Hip-Hop here ;) But your Suggestion Living Stone is so fantastic, and Maná…… OMG!!!!! THANKS!!!

      1. He he :-) You are such a great youth!
        Keep up the good work and tell me when you are ready for reggae – my specialty all from the day it sarted until today :-)

      2. Greetings little brother.
        How did you do to make the email thing on your music suggestion page?

        i was thinking of making something similar but with reggae music.
        thought it would be nice with some reggae I don’t know yet .-9


      3. yeah Ras, great idea!! You’ve to write this: (contact-form) in these brackets: [], but I don’t want to have a contact form here ;)
        So [contact-form and the ] ;)
        Hope you understand ;)

  15. Hi…Thanks so much for ‘liking’ the Alligan Travel’ blog…..would love to see a blog on Ethiopian music. They have some cool stiff especially in the northern Tigray area…..

  16. I love “world music”! What a great collection you have here. I am impressed and look forward to explore more :-)

  17. Thanks for the “Like” on my blog. I just subscribed to yours. It is absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I have been looking for. I will add it to my blogroll.

  18. hey xandi … ein gutes neues Jahr! gefällt mir sehr gut dein blog, denn es gibt einfach viel zu viel gute musik, die man noch nicht kennengelernt hat; world-music ist ein so großes feld, da gibts noch jede menge zu entdecken, gerne hier eine Empfehlung von mir:

    Okna Tsahan Zam aus Kalmückien ( seit 1992 eine autonome Republik im südlichen Teil des europäischen Russlands)
    einbetten gelöscht :)
    (ich hoffe das einbetten funktioniert bei Dir … ansonsten hier nochmal der Link)

    1. gefällt mir sehr gut! Danke!! Werde es diese Woche noch bloggen! Hab nur den Einbettungslink gelöscht!
      Du kannst mir gerne mehr Musik über die Seite Music-Suggestion schicken ;)

  19. Hi, sorry to contact you over here, but I saw you have a section on my country. The thing is tomorrow I will be attending a concert with Balún and Mima, two Puerto Rican artists. They’re awesome and they’re indie. Hopefully I will blog about it, with photos and all. Thought you might be interested. :-)
    Reggeaton sucks!!!!

  20. Hi Xandimusic. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my most recent post. I am checking out your blog as I write. Very interesting. Being a music and art lover. I try to promote both at my blog. Please check out my blog and subscribe. I am primarily a digital artist. I would very much like to hear your thoughts.

  21. I just noticed that you’ve already received The Versatile Blogger Award at least twice before, but I think that you still deserve it again! Thanks again for being a source for such great music!

  22. Glad you “liked” the post at Lots of Lists! I think the concept of your blog is great, and I’ll definitely stop back by!

  23. Wow! Glad I came across this, and thanks for the like. I have a love for world music, but have not really found such a comprehensive collection of new stuff from so many places! Such a great way to get the tunes to the people. Keep it up. I will be frequenting this for sure.

  24. Thanks for ‘liking’ my blog.
    I LOVE music even though I don’t carry a tune and am tone deaf–I am mainly into the female blues singers from the 20s-60s which, of course, was ‘exported’ from African nations!

  25. Hi there!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    You have a nice blog out here :) Keep up your good work :)
    You really have a huge collection of music and guess i would go around quiet often :)

  26. Hi xandi, answering your question, here are a few links:
    There are many Mima on You Tube, but these two are nice:
    Cae by Mima – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD6DhKO-C6o&feature=related
    Menos mal que no by Mima – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRFSrGk-HoA&feature=related

    Balún has many experimental videos with their music of course. I only found one, but you can check their website balunonline:

    Be careful when you walk – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_mAohPzjns

    These are cute songs by Balún,
    To My Room – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUYPOg7OeI8&feature=related
    A Surprise – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E04yBPSpsYE&feature=related
    People (at the Apple Store in Chicago, 2007) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJqxE8Wp01k&feature=endscreen&NR=1

    And, someone uploaded 3 videos from that show I blogged about, but the sound does not make justice to what it really was. You can check this one out if you like. The song is called El Pozo by Mima and Balún accompanies her:

    Hope that helps!

  27. Hi thanks for liking my post. and thats a very nice thing you got here,
    I think you should probably add some old ones in india section like Kishore Kumar’s songs he was pretty great singer singer and quite famous too. just a suggestion only though….;-)

  28. Hey! Thanks for visiting me at The Scottie Chronicles and liking my post. You’ve got a really nice blog here. I think I’ll follow you to keep up with new music. Here’s a submission: Am I Groovin’ You by Jon Kennedy from We’re Just Waiting For You Now. Cool. And, since I’m a Scottish Terrier, here’s a suggestion from my homeland: Wild Shores by Mark Britten from Celtic Journey. Neat.

    AroooooOOOO! Stuart

  29. Finally, I’ve found the music I’ve been looking for to replace Pandora! I can never get enough of world music. Thank you for this wonderful blog, and for liking my post. Now you can say that someday, this girl living off-grid in Arkansas will be listening to your world music songs in a little sustainable earth bag home surrounded by wildlife and an organic garden! Thanks for sharing our journey.

  30. Thanks for liking my blog. I love music myself and find your blog fascinating.
    I’m really new to this blogging business and struggling with the technical stuff, but will hopefully improve as my story and adventures unfold.

  31. Merci de suivre notre petit blog, bien modeste et surtout créé pour la bibliothèque de la commune. Il est donc dans un langage accessible au plus grand nombre et très modéré, enfin je le pense ! Par contre, je ne maitrise que très peu l’anglais et donc, je ne comprends pas tout ce que vous écrivez ! Pas sympa de lire un article avec le dictionnaire en mains …
    Je viendrai vous visiter, vous avez de très belles photos, et l’esprit d’ensemble me plait
    Bonne continuation !

  32. Thanks for checking out High Five Travel! I’ve had a great time going thru your blog and listening to sounds from all over the world! Nothing like being on a vacation and listening to the music that makes that place what it is. Looking forward to more of your posts! And if I can help you travel the world at a fraction of what you already are, my contact info is on my page! Cheers!

  33. Hi!
    Thanks for dropping by and liking one of my posts earlier :)
    Your blog is quite interesting as well as I also love music!

  34. thank you for dropping by my photo/writing blog and liking my post! feel free to subscribe to daily doses. one of my favorite podcasts is PRI’s The World: Global Hits. i think you might enjoy it for amazing new music from across the world – even from the most remote corners!

  35. Thanks for visiting my blog. You seem to have a very nice musicblog going, with a huge smount of world music. I will follow your blog to keep up with the newest.
    I saw the music from my country, the Netherlands. Thanks,

  36. HI. I have found myself expanding my music search more and more as american music has been steadily degrading (In my opinion). I think this is a wonderful blog. Keep it up.

  37. Thanks for two more likes, Xandi. I was delighted you came back for more! Thanks also for the advice – I’m just not computer literate!

  38. Wow….this is a pretty impressive collection of music! Great work on putting it all together. I really enjoy exchanging music…..I think it to be one of the most powerful forms of communication we can share. Great job of compiling!

  39. Hi Xandimusic, Having only recently subscribed I just got a flurry of email updates. I was hoping that the emails would have the videos embedded but it seems that susbscription emails only have part of the posting so in order to hear the music we have to click through to the website. Personally I prefer not to do this. I know that in settings on my blog I can determine how much of the blog entry people get. That is to say I can adjust the settings so that subscribers get the whole blog post rather than just the words. Is there a reason why you do not send out the whole blogpost so that people can just click on the video from their in-tray? Best wishes from Postcard Cafe.

      1. Hi again, This is one of the least obvious settings and one of the hardest to find help with! However I can point you in the right direction if you wish to change your settings. It’s actually very easy to do once you know. In short head for SETTINGS then click on READING then scroll down and look for SYDICATION FEEDS. There you will see two options FULL TEXT or SUMMARY. I imagine at present the SUMMARY option is set. Just click FULL TEXT and this should then allow the whole content of each post to be delivered to your followers via email. I prefer this and have my blogs set so that people get the content without having to click through to the blog. People can still “like” or click through to comment. Read the WordPress help for SYNDICATION FEEDS here http://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/reading-settings/
        I’m not sure what you mean when you ask what should you write in the box to your followers. My advice is just change the setting and carry on making your great blog just as you have been. The only change you’ll be making is that your followers will get the whole content of each post.
        I prefer getting videos and photographs or music or whatever is posted on a blog straight to my in tray. I still click through and comment if I like something.
        You could sound out your followers and ask them which is their prefered option when/if you change the setting? I’m sure most will appreciate that you have made things easier and less time consuming. GOOD LUCK, best wishes from Postcard Cafe
        You could sound out your followers to see if they prefer getting the whole post in an email.

  40. Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog. I really like what you are doing here. I love hearing new music from around the world, so, I’m following. Cheers.

  41. Thanks for dropping in on my blog and liking a couple of my posts. Only slightly disturbed that you liked my announcement of a blogging break :)

  42. Hi Xandi! It’s cool to receive your visits :)
    You asked me about something like The Cassettes, I can tell you they have more (live videos), but Arnold Stallone is an official video. Maybe this year they’ll bring us another one :D
    Their style is really unique but I think you can listen to “Las Acidas”, another girl band. They’re more punk. Here’s a video recorded live (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlO0FAeoFIY) HD ;)

    Writing you soon!

    P.S: What did you mean when you said something famous on facebook?

    1. ah, thanks Maria! It was great for us here, because someone of you or from the Cassettes shared the link on Facebook, and we got many listeners from Ecuador on that day. And the Los Micrófonos are also great, but I think I’, gonna post a video, that is not live ;)

      1. The thing is I didn’t tell anyone about the post! I have no idea who noticed that!
        Someone just told me about that and it was like BOOM.
        There aren’t a lot of bands which have official videos because is too expensive, and having music as a job here is really difficult. Only a few people support bands and musicians. Including me. Maybe one day this will change. Hope so :)

        I’ll write something on music suggestions section ;)

      2. ah, thanks Maria, I really liked this boom with so many visitors from Ecuador :) And I got your suggestion, thanks, it’s very nice, and I’ll post it next week. And of course, we don’t need official videos, but often the quality of the live videos isn’t good. I don’t know, maybe it would be best for the artists, if they upload the song and just add some pics or lyrics…. :)

  43. Hi Xandi! Thanks for visiting, and liking, my blog today. I’ve really enjoyed your music selections and congratulate you on celebrating our wide world of music. It’s such a universal language. I have a suggestion. Check out http://www.jacobmoon.com. He’s an amazing singer/songwriter from Canada I met at a music festival a couple of years ago. I listen to his music more than anyone else right now. Great site! Be well …

  44. Hey,

    Thanks for visiting my blog… I wonder how you could understand my German poems, but I’m happy that you like it. :) I find your blog very cool, now you’ve got a new follower!


  45. Love this blog! What a great idea. I have been traveling all around Africa and try to pick up a cd from every country I visit. You have given me some great artists to get to know…looking forward to your next post!

  46. Hello! i found your idea very good to write about all the world music, all the more reason, i’m working on my blog about the diversity of beauty in life…

  47. Thanx for liking my post! what a great collection you have here, thanx for sharing music Xandi. Music is all around! Peace

      1. of course I will :) I really like the simpleness of ur blog and the so numerous songs&artists that remain to be discovered. Have you ever heard about Grey Sky Morning, a famous band in Malaysia? We met there 2 years ago – chilling out together & simply sharing about music&our lives was a reaaaaally unique moment. I’m a fan!

        Enjoy your week end time!

  48. Hi xandimusic,
    thanks for visiting my blog http://biofital.wordpress.com/ for several times because of my music-posts and you “likes” ;-)
    And I thought, you´ll have all musicians on your blog ;-)
    As I´m just a “blog-starter” and also like you, influenced by so many characters of music (world and independent), we will “watch” ourselves…”smile*.

    Great blog, I like it very much!

  49. You have got an excellent blog. I made some suggestions in the Indian music section.
    Thanks for liking my blog post. I was not even coming here thinking that the like was a spam. But, i am pleasantly surprised by your blog. Keep up the good work.

  50. Xandi! i really am loving your blog and would love to have you as a guest blogger on Bound for Adventure. Cant seem to find your email address on here…but can you drop me an email when you get a chance? Thanks so much!


  51. merci Xandi de passer et merci pour aimer les notes d’andreas vollenweider …
    quand je les ai decouvertes … je suis restee sans rien dire , sans bouger , c’etait il y a deja cinq ans … et vrai que plaisir et douceur de les reentendre et de pouvoir les reposer sur cet espace perso ou douceur m’accompagne et me tient ever la main … et tant mieux … tant mieux .
    merci Xand …. bonne journee a toi et a vous d’ici
    ligude .

  52. Thank you for liking my post on Christianity’s current state. I see that you blog is varied and rich and I have subscribed because of this content. I might not always go to your blog but once in a while I will hear the world.

  53. hi there,
    thanks for visiting my blog. you have great stuff here on your blog, might I add. keep up the good work!

  54. what an idea for a blog! There is so much incredible music around the world and its great to see someonone showcasing that talent. I could suggest some artists that you could look into, but i looks like you already cover a pretty wide base. Thanks!

  55. xandimusic;
    Glad you liked “Nigeria Rejects Dancing On The Brink to American Rhythm”
    on 3DDemocracy (for People Participation in Alternative System). You have a wonderful blog. Keep it up.

      1. thanks so much Céline, I don’t have twitter and facebook, but I’ll also give you +1 :)
        As you maybe already saw, there’s a page called Music-Suggestion, to suggest us music ;)

  56. Hi Xandi,
    Thanks for stopping by thatlou.com. If you’re ever in Paris and want to go on a treasure hunt, you know where to find me!
    In the meantime I’ve enjoyed visiting your music trovings and will be back for more visits soon.
    Kind regards,

  57. Thanks for liking my post on writing my way through grief at the upcoming anniversary. I look forward to checking out your blog.

    Kind regards,


  58. Thank you for the Like for “The Face” I was surprised that there were quite a few likes for this considering I just kind of tossed it off in a few minutes, because I had that painting of a face and couldn’t find a good poem to go with it, so I wrote one myself off the cuff. So maybe I should write more of my stuff instead of finding a poem online.

  59. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and liking it! :)
    I too enjoyed your blog… Keep visiting!


  60. thanks for the like on my blog post. Wow! This is a big undertaking you have here! Interesting as well. Eclectic mix is what comes to mind. Keep it up!

  61. Hi Xandi,
    Thanks for checking out my blog feel free to post up any videos of the artists because it’s all about promoting their music and the album that they’ve been attached to to create more exposure. Going to check out more of your videos

  62. I’ve been there a time to write here and I think the time has come.
    Your blog is a fantastic world. Sometimes I’m amazed how can you make so much! …
    You can bring people together through the world of music and make them happy when they hear a song. This is wonderful, did you know?

    Congratulations Xandi :)

    1. Marília,
      I’ve to say thanks to you too. You were the first author here, and you introduced me to Portuguese music, one of my faves now. And thanks for all your songs, keep up the great work! :)
      Thanks so much,

  63. Just wanted to thank you for stopping my my “Not in India 2012” blog and liking my post “birds and bees, flowers and trees”. Your vote of confidence is most appreciated and hope you will find other things inspirational or informative that may assist you along your own life journey
    I love music, of all types, and from all over the world, and will be checking out your blog as well for ideas.
    with love light and JOY

  64. Hi xandimusic! Thank you for checking out my blog! I am also very interested in the world music (for me it started with Buddha-bar…), so thank you for spreading the love! Good luck to you! :)

  65. Thanks for the like. Unfortunately I run a very slow analogue connections- 56 kbps. So audio and video are out.

  66. Thank you for checking out my blog. I am a fan of Putamayo selections. I am always looking for new music, especially world music! I’ll be staying tuned.

  67. Hey guys, I’ve a lot of experience in wordpress. I worked in a brazilian blog about an a game called ”AQWorlds” (http://aqworldsbrasil.wordpress.com/). I’m from Portugal and I would like to work with you guys posting portuguese music and 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music.

    Can you add me? I maked a new email just for work with you:
    oh and I forgot, here is my personal music blog, I don’t use it anymore:

    1. Joao,
      thanks for your interest. Are you fluent in writing english? Maybe you can write me a mail to xworldmusic@yahoo.de
      Love Portuguese music. Do you also know music from these days(like old songs too, but it’d be great if you know much)?
      Please do an example post and write some words about you please in the mail ;)

  68. Have you heard of United Flavour they are based in Prague, a very good band. And also Jr. Kilat from the Philippines. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  69. Hello. You’ve a wonderful project as well as a good collection of music here. Dropped by to thank you for checking out my blog. I’m grateful for your time.

  70. Xandi, thank you for stopping by. When I was offline during our time of moving I lost my links to blogs, so I am having to re-subscribe.. It’s good to be back…

  71. Thanks for the ‘like’ Xandi… took a quick peek at your blog; will be back later when I have time enough to explore!

    1. Thanks Lilly,
      that’s why I sometimes search other blogs and like them, because we’re an ambitious team here, from around the world and would like to introduce many people to “unknown” music ;)

    1. Danke! Du kannst hier deutsch kommentieren, zumindest ein Teil von uns redet Deutsch… Danke, das freut mich natürlich immer sehr, und ich hoffe du findest viel neue Musik. Vlt hilft dir die Suchleiste und die “Categorie-Box”, wo du Länder und Genres findest :)

  72. Thanks for the like and visiting my blog. Your blog is enjoyable to visit and learn about new music.

    My hope is after you explore my blog, we can exchange videos or you learn more about the warrior experience and how important life is to those who defend what is right in this world. Music videos help me share the story in hopes I can teach others. Thanks again.

  73. Ist danish video won’t play for me in the UK but the 2nd one – down by the riverside – was great. Loved it

    If you’re interested in world music, check out “Coke Studio” vids on Youtube or visit –


    for some great live recordings of singers and musicians from Pakistan

    P.S. thanks for visiting our blog !

  74. An amazing site built on an even more amazing idea! I’ve just found out about you on the internet and am so glad. I created a blog based on a similar concept some months ago but it’s written in Italian, my native language. I’m happy to share with you such a huge interest in music from around the world!! Once again, great job!!! ^_^

  75. Hi Xandi! I was so thrilled to stumble across your blog. You have a wonderfully eclectic and diverse collection. I am a language professor and will definitely be recommending your blog to my students as they research music from different countries. Thanks for putting this together! :)

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