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137 thoughts on “Music – Suggestions

  1. Hi Xandi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you have quite a few South Africans already listed on your site. Here’s another one for you to look at. Johnny Clegg has been very popular in Europe in the past, especially in France. Maybe he has toured Belgium in the past as well.

  2. Xandi, time for another Danish piece og music – this time a 90’s Dance acapella medley mix!!!
    Performed in a nice video by a local group from Århus, Denmark.:

      1. you are very most welcome, Xandi ;)

        Here another music traditional… sounds like traditional contemporary from Java, Indonesia.

        link deleted

        It’s a Catholic hymn in a traditional music of Java. Hope you like it and thanks in advance :)

  3. Hola Xandi, muy interesante tu blog…sugiero algo de música cuban..para todos los gustos….
    Raúl Torres, Raúl Paz, Buena Fe, Polito Ibañez….
    estos por no poner los clásicos y más renombrados…

    1. Hola Noel!
      Actually I can’t speak spanish, but of course I understan these words, and please on your following comments write spanish too, so that I’ll learn a few words!
      Will post these musician after christmas!

      1. Xandi, hola, gracias por la respuesta y el comentario en mi blog, también gracias por tener en cuenta mis propuestas, un abrazo

        Hi, thanks for teh answer and the comment in my blog. I’ll continued writingng in spanish as you ask..greetings

  4. I give here an old traditional song from Finland. It is in Finnish Ajomies by the Feenades. Freely translated into English it could be “Driver”; especially driver of Troika. There are no language problems, because it is Electric Guitar Music, but very soft. It is a little melancholy, but beautiful.

  5. I love it when a popular artist goes off and does something different, like Paul Simon did in 1986 with his Graceland album. Check out “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes,” one of my favorites from that album. The whole album is infused with African rhythms and guest African vocalists.

  6. Songtitle or Feedback: Hey, danke fürs Besuchen meines Blogs! Hoffe er gefällt ;) Ich liebe Musik und finde diesen Blog hier auch echt super! Hab schon einige interessante coole Lieder gefunden..find auch die Lieder hier gg, kannste dir ja einfach mal anhören :) danke nochmal, mach weiter so (cooler Blog!!) LG ? PS wenns dir gefällt kannste dir auch noch andere von Simple Plan , zB Astronaut anhören *-* Ich finds super..

    Link(YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud):
    Name: Fragezeichen

  7. There’s always some sort of inspiration behind someone writing a song. Sometimes it’s something that took place in history. Today happens to be the 33rd anniversary of the first school shooting in the United States, a piece of history that inspired Bob Geldof to write “I Don’t Like Mondays,” performed by The Boomtown Rats. I sent you the YouTube link to the song. Here’s the link to the school shooting that inspired the song:

  8. I think your blog really rocks! But I notice that you are a little thin on songs from Malaysia so I have suggested one video by Halim Yazid and will try to suggest other videos in the future.

  9. Hi, Xandi…long time I haven’t yet spoken with you, LOL. Hope you are doing great! :)

    Just want to share one of Indonesian heritage called wayang as you can watch it here:

    Please let me know if you finished posting it later. Thanks in advance. Congrats with your new look! :)

  10. Hey Xandi :)
    Würde mich freuen wenn du mich wissen lässt ob du meinen Vorschlag postest! Ich hoffe ich hab das richtige YouTube Video erwischt ;P

      1. ah, but I said JB is the flop of 2011, he’s really ….
        Hope it’s OK my friend, but as you know, I’m really open minded and free in music, but JB…. No! :D
        Hope you could accept it ;)

    1. thanks so much Lynn! Really always enjoy your blog! I don’t know Los Van Van-another reason to visit your blog…. And Tinariwen really got famous with their album Tassili… ;)

  11. Today is the 54th anniversary of the awarding of the very first Gold Record by the Recording Industry Association of America. It went to Perry Como for “Catch a Falling Star.” Maybe that song or something else by Perry Como.

  12. Frankie Avalon.

    Today in 1959, his song “Venus” made it to #1 on the Billboard pop charts.

    Frankie was one of the “Philadelphia teen idols” from that generation, i.e., good-looking teenagers who may or may not be able to sing, but the Philadelphia music business machinery could take them, teach them, cut a record, and, with the help of bribed DJ’s, have a hit on the national charts.

    Frankie was originally a trumpet player, but Bob Marucci, the head of Chancellor Records, made him into a singer, and the rest is history.

  13. Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, and international day for imbibing, it’s interesting that “Tequila” by The Champs made it to the #1 position on the Billboard charts on this date in 1958.

    1. yeah, but today it’s Rolling Stones time…. They’ve been up for about 50 years! But soon, I’ll post your ideas Russel. The facts are always interesting ;)

  14. It’s a great day in music history!

    Twelve years ago Phil Collins won an Oscar for Best Original Song for “You’ll Be in My Heart” from the movie Tarzan.

    Kenney Chesney was born on this date in 1968.

  15. George Harrison and/or Eric Clapton. In 1979, Pattie Boyd, previously Pattie Harrison, George’s wife, married Eric Clapton, George’s best friend. It was a long and complicated mess between George and Eric.

  16. Ok… You had me at music. My heart and soul is in metal but I love all music. Especially fusion of styles. Sent a request for music based on a show that aired in Smithsonian today “Acordion Kings”. Nice documentary and could be a good blog topic. Set in Valledupar, Colimbia. Fusion of Spanish, Latin (Indigenous), and African. Illustrates usage of Local wind instruments, Guitar, Acordion (hence the title) and Djimbe.

  17. March 30
    Celine Dion is 44; born in 1968
    John Denver scores his first #1 hit with “Sunshine On My Shoulder,” 1974
    Eric Clapton is 67; born in 1945
    Norah Jones is 33; born in 1979

  18. Thanx for liking our post. it’s a interesting blog you got there. Have u got any Congolese music? (I couldn’t find a search box on your page) if not I got a Couple of suggestion I can make.

    90s classic from Papa Wemba:

    the Soulful Gasandji

      1. Thanx I’ve found it. I was looking for it at the top of the page didn’t realise it was further down the column.

  19. Greatings Xandi

    Thanks for “liking” my blog. I sent my suggestion from Mexico. It is a band named “Kinky” and the song “Negro Dia” (black day) is performed in collaboration with “La Mala Rodriguez” who is from Spain.
    I would suggest traditional mariachi music, but I think it is important to let the world know a little of the music “reality” in my country nowadays.
    Loved your blog.

    Best Regards

  20. On this date in 1988, Whitney Houston ascended to the top of the charts with her seventh consecutive No.1 hit, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.” That broke a record that she had held with The Beatles and The Bee Gees.

  21. I filled out the form above for the song Je t’aime by Eva Polna. It’s one of my favorites and I couldn’t find anything by her on this (really awesome) site. Je t’aime is about loving someone that doesn’t love you back, or anymore and it’s just a beautiful, sad song and I highly recommend it.

  22. We are mightily impressed with your collection; found things on here that Dad thought he was the only one to know of, but apparently not. Will follow!
    Dropped you a few suggestions, well Dad did, hope you like and post them up eventually for everyone else to enjoy!
    Be warned he has loads of others in ‘the vault’.
    Keep on……………..running!

  23. Hey Xandi – Hello from a long time subscriber. I have commented before – but this may be my first suggestion. It’s The Spirit of Christmas by an 11-year-old UK boy called Fynnjan with Aspergers Syndrome. It’s raising money to help special educational needs provision in mainstream schools for children with autism and Aspergers – primarily through the National Autistic Society and Nordoff Robbins music therapy.
    There’s more information on his website or on my blog
    And here’s the video that was shot by volunteers for Fynnjan and his classmates.

      1. That’s brilliant, If any chance of doing it before 22 December, that would even better. (That’s because the UK Christmas charts are finalised by 22nd December.)

  24. I hope you are able to use the video. It’s good. And it would be a great hekp.
    Paul / Blackwatertown

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