Music from Finland – Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, often referred to only as PKN, is a Finnish punk band.

The four band members Pertti Kurikka, Kari Aalto, Sami Light and Toni Välitalo living with mental disabilities. The band gained international recognition through the film ThePunk Syndrome, which is a documentary about the band. The film by JukkaKärkkäinen and JaniPetteri Passi won the Tampere Film Festival in 2012 and the audience award.
2015  Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät successfully took part at the Finnish national final for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2015  and won it with the song Aina mun pitää (in Englih : I always have). Therefore they represent Finland in this competition.

I always have to clean up
I always have to wash up
I always have to see the doc
I always have to go to work

Can’t go to my PC
Can’t watch my TV
Can’t even see my mates

I always have to stay at home
I always have to do things
I always have to eat properly
I always have to drink properly

So no candy for me
No soft drinks for me
Not even alcohol

I always have to rest
I always have to sleep
I always have to wake up
I always have to take a shower

Music from Austria/ Finland – Outi & Lee // Ethno-Folk

Outi & Lee, formed in 1987 are a powerful duo known for ethno folk and gospel music. This is also the lovestory of Outi from Finland and Lee from Austria. Listen to their great song “I Will Get Up”:

Music from Finland – Viktor Klimenko

Viktor Klimenko (* November 24, 1942 in Pyhäniemi, Karelia) is a Finnish singer and actor. Born in the Soviet Union his family settled afterwards to Finland. There he started his musical career, in 1965 he represented Finland with the song Aurinko laskee länteen but received no points , he was even in germany well known , especially for this song .

le soleil se couche a louest (the sun goes down iin the east )

Music from Finland – Steve ´n ´Seagulls

Steve ´n Seagulls is a folk cover band from Perunamaa / Finland , they´ve “specialised” on covering Heavy Metal songs from AC/DC , Dio or Iron Maiden , here is their newest cover of Thunderstruck from the faboulos AC/DC

Crazy finish people , i love them , Steve n Seagull are Irwin Remmel, Musta Magisteri, Puikkonen,Hermann and Wild Till Hiltunen



Music from France/Finland – Örsten

Örsten is a French-Finnish musician. He released his first album ‘Cutworks’ by Pschent in 2011. His music could be described as chillout mixed with hip-hop beats. Here’s his great song “Fleur Blanche”:

Music from Finland – Bomfunk MC’s

The Bomfunk MC’s were a finnish breakbeat and hip-hop group, active from 1998 to 2005. Listen to their great one “Freestyler”:

Thanks for this great suggestion Antje!

Music from Finnland – Fredi / Jontti & Shaka

Today and yesterday – the international hit “kolmatta linjaa takaisin” in english “beautyful in the rain ” from Fredi and as a rap cover from Jonti & Shanta ” i love the refrain , don´t understand anything but who cares ^^