Music from Ghana – Mimi Divalish

Mimi Divalish, Born as Wilhelmina Abiba Abu-Andani, Mimi who has now changed her name to “Habiba”  is a former Big Brother Africa housemate, a chemist, a fashion designer, songstress and a princess of the Andani Throne in Northern Ghana. She is signed to Movingui Records,managed by Paradise Entertainment and a realist who would speak her mind even if that would spark another controversy. Here´s her song “Leave Me Alon”

Find more about Mimi here

Music from Denmark – Battlekat

This is the first time i´m not quite sure wheather i´m right or not , but in the biography of Mimi ( i posted her song yesterday ) there is mentioned, that she joined a group named “Battlekat” Mimi is the daughter of the german musician Marius Müller Westernhagen. I ´ve found a feature about battlekat in the world wide web but i´m not quite sure wheather we are speaking of the same band also regarding the video i´ve found on youtube , because there are no names mentiond of the band member . really confusing

Anyway i want to present you the song “The Pain ” from Battlekat