Music from the Netherlands – I Am Oak

I Am Oak is the dutch band of Thijs Kuijken from Utrecht. Their nice indie folk music is very successfull and they already won several awards. Listen to their nice song “Trees and Birds and Fire”:

Music from Canada – Roxanna

Roxanna is a canadian pop music singer from Ontario, Canada. In her music, you can realy hear her world-wide influence. Here’s her great new single “Unforgotten”:

Music from Turkey – Cem Karaca

Cem Karaca, born in 1945 was a turkish rock singer who died in 2004. After an military coup in 1980, many intellectuals were arested, and so he left for an exile in Germany. My friend Emre is a big fan of him – for right! Listen to his amazing song “Oh Be”, including the “most turkish” instrument, the saz, or baglama. It’s a bout his wish to come back to his homeland Turkey. But he wasn’t allowed…

Listen to Mein Deutscher Freund

Music from Germany – Klaus Schindler

Klaus Schindler, born in 1956 is a german guitarist. He studied music in Augsburg, Germany. Here’s his song “Kleiner gelber Vogel”, played by Sabine:

Music from the US – Barack Obama

I’m very happy, that Obama won yesterday! Haha, these two videos are so cool!!

Here, he’s singing “Call Me Maybe”…… ;)

And listen to “Hot and Cold”:

Music from Germany – Werner Lämmerhirt

Werner Lämmerhirt, born in 1949 in Berlin, is a german guitarist who is known for spreading the fingerstyle technic. Here’s his nice song “Ich denke oft an Abbygale”:

Music from Canada – Karkwa

Karkwa is a canadian indie rock band from Montreal. Here’s their song “Le pyromane”:

This was a Music-Suggestion from lapetitelea, thanks!

Music from Germany – Sportfreunde Stiller

Sportfreunde Stiller is another indie rock band from Bavaria, Germany. Their nice song “Ein Kompliment”:

Music from Canada – Alanis Morissette

Think she’s already popular enough, so just some words ;)
She was born in 1974 in Ottawa, Canada, and got more and more popular….

Here’s her new song “Guardian”: