Music from Portugal – The Weatherman and Emmy Curl

The Weatherman is Alex Monteiro’s alter ego. He was born in 1979 in Porto. With 13 years old  he composed his first song called “Waiting For The Sun”.

Born in 1990 in northeast of Portugal, Emmy Curl grew up with lot of interests in arts like music, painting, play and photography. She began to produce by her self all her songs in her father’s studio when she was only fifteen.

In the video clip both embody two souls trying to find themselves, but unable in their contrary worlds – countryside vs city

Both singing in English “It Took Me So Long”


Music from Portugal – Rita Redshoes

Rita Redshoes is a portuguese songwriter. For her nice music, she’s well known in Portugal. Listen to “Captain Of My Soul”:

Music from Portugal – GNR e Isabel Silvestre

G.N.R. (acronym for “Grupo Novo Rock”) is a Portuguese band formed in Porto early 1980.
Isabel Silvestre (Manhouce, São Pedro do Sul), is a Portuguese singer. Her songs are guided by simplicity, naturalness and expressive force.

“Pronúncia do Norte”, a song accompanied by images of Porto.

Music from Portugal – Mind da Gap

Mind da Gap is a portugues hip-hop group, formed in 1993. They from Porto, my favourite city in Portugal. Here’s “Todos Gordos”: