Music from Portugal – Mónica Ferraz

Monica Ferraz (Porto, March 23, 1980) is a Portuguese singer, lead singer of “Mesa”, a Portuguese band.
She began ballet studies in 1983 with only three years old and received a diploma from the “Royal Academy of Ballet and Dance”. Her musical career began in 1985 with piano lessons. In 1990 started working as a mannequin, and in 1995 she joined the “School Jazz of Porto” which attends singing lessons jazz and classical singing lessons with prof. Rui di Luna (Lisbon University professor).
She integrates the “Mesa” project  in 2002 and, in 2010, she starts her solo career with the album “Start Stop”.

Her song “Go, Go, Go”


Music from Portugal – Pedro Osório

Pedro Osório (Porto, July 17, 1939 – Lisbon, January 5, 2012) was a Portuguese teacher, arranger, orchestra leader, musical director and composer.

His lovely music “O Beijo do Sol”, based on a traditional chant of Kenya – Chants from Babylon

Music from Portugal – An anthem for FC Porto

Congratulations to the FC Porto, my favourite football(soccer) team for winning the Liga ZON Sagres 2012. Great!!!
And here’s on of many anthems called “Filhos de Dragao”, in english sons of dragao:


Music from Portugal – Mísia

Mísia is a Portuguese fado singer, born in 1955 in Porto, Portugal. Mísia is a polyglot. Despite singing mostly fado, she sings some of her themes in Spanish, French, Catalan, English and even Japanese. Mísia depicts herself as a cabaret dancer living in the “Drama Box Hotel” with her musicians.

Her song “Liberdades Poéticas”

Music from Portugal – Os Azeitonas

Portuguese Music is so damn good, like the language and the relaxing sounds! Here’s another great Portuguese band from Porto called Os Azeitonas. Here’s their nice song “Anda Comigo ver os Aviões“:

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