Music from Portugal – Viviane

Viviane is a Portuguese singer. Her voice and songs are very peculiar, by the way she speaks Portuguese, She speaks with sounds of her native French. Viviane belonged to the band “Entre Aspas” and “Linha da Frente” project. Currently she makes a solo career.

“Não Apagues o Amor”



Music from Turkey – Emre Aydın

Emre Aydın, born in 1981, is a great turkish pop-rock singer-songwriter. Here’s his nice song “Beni Unutma“, for my turkish friend Emre:

Music from Portugal – David Fonseca

David Fonseca (Leiria, June 14, 1973) is a musician, singer and Portuguese songwriter. He plays several instruments, including guitar and organ. Renowned for his successful music career as member of Silence 4 and, since 2003, as a solo artist.

His beautiful song “U Know Who I Am”

Music from Nigeria – Seun Oni

Seun Oni, is a Nigiran singer-songwriter with the stage name “Saeon” began singing at the age of four and went professional in 2009. Saeon is versatile in his style of music and gets her inspiration from every and anything around her, mostly, alternative R&B, Rock, Pop and a little bit of rap. Here is her song “I’ll Be Gone”

Music from France – Jacques Dutronc

Jacques Dutronc, born in 1943, is a french chansonier,yé-yé  and french pop/rock musician. Here’s his nice song “Et moi, et moi, et moi”: