Music from Portugal – Clã

“Clã” are a Portuguese musical group formed in 1992 by Fernando Gonçalves, Helder Gonçalves, Miguel Ferreira, Pedro Biscaia, Pedro Rito and Manuela Azevedo (singer).

Their song “Problema de Expressão”


3 thoughts on “Music from Portugal – Clã

  1. I wasn’t able to watch this here in the US (restricted by the music label EMI – sheesh) But I did see a different version and also watched Asas Delta. Nice sound. Fun music. Thanks for introducing me to yet another fun Portuguese band. :-)

    1. ohhh, probably almost nobody manage to see…what a pity.The video has english translation, tells us a beautiful story
      “Asas Delta”, yes it is fun. “I have wings on his feet, I have wings … (chorus) ;)

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