Music from the UK – Jedward

Jedward are a pop duo that consists of identical twins Edward and John Grimes.  These blonde boys have caused quite a stir with the young girls.  Jedward was chosen to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest for 2012.  They have released three albums, Planet Jedward, Victory and their latest release (came out yesterday in Ireland) Young Love.  This is the song “Young Love” which is the second single released off the new album.

7 thoughts on “Music from the UK – Jedward

      1. haha Kev , thought and felt the same ^^ so sorry wendy but you´re right , we should serve everything , there are people who like that too ^^

  1. I love Jedward and I think this album is brilliant. Can I point out that they are not actually from the UK, but from Ireland.

  2. I love jedward music ,please if anybody can tell me why is not the physical album at HMV at Selfridges? also HMV at Wimbledon don’t have it. Where can i buy in London.

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