Music from Israel – Adi Ulmansky

Producer, composer and singer-songwriter, Adi Ulmansky, has established herself as one of the promising names of the Indie-tronic / Alternative / pop music scene. Ulmansky, originally from Tel Aviv and now based in London, is currently working on her debut solo album, as well as performing live and collaborating with a variety of musicians including the successful dubstep producer BORGORE.  This is her latest single “My Heart.”


Music from the US – Neulore

Neulore are a fantastic new alternative/indie band out of Nashville, Tennessee.  The band formed in 2009.  The band has released an EP Apples and Eve.  They have done a lot of live shows in order to get their songs to the masses.  They are touring the US in May so check out their Facebook page.  This is their great song, “Eve.”

Music from The World – Twitter Music

Twitter is a great place to discover what’s happening, comment on what’s happening and check out what your friends and favourites are doing.  Well now you can also check out what’s new in the world of music.  Twitter#Music is a free official app to find out what songs are trending, what artists are emerging, what the artists you follow are listening to and what your friends like.  Just sign in with your twitter account, link the app with Spotify of Rdio and enjoy.

Music from Norway – Real Ones

Real Ones performs a very distinct indie/folk style of music.  They are friends who grew up together and played music together since their youth. Even though the band members are only in their mid-twenties Real Ones has existed for 11 years, and has after all this time gained a reputation on the Northern European indie scene as one of the most ballistic live acts.  Real One have a new album out Tonight, Only Tonight and this is their first single “Seperation Blues.”

Music from the UK – James Blake

James Blake (not to be confused with the US tennis player) is an electronic music producer and indie singer-songwriter.  He released his self title debut album in 2011, which was successful on charts around the world, #1 in Belgium.  His new album Overgrown was released this week.  This is his new single “Overgrown.”

Music from the US – Emmet Swimming

Emmet Swimming is a rock band from Virginia that was formed in 1990.  The band’s name is a misspelled reference to Emmett Till, who died after being shot and thrown into a river. “The idea of the name was basically that a 14-year-old boy should be swimming in the river, not dying in it,” said singer/founder Todd Watts.  The band has released four albums.  This is their song “Arlington.”

Music from the US – Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet are an alternative rock band out of California.  They formed in 1994 but did take a hiatus between 2008 and 2012.  The band has released four studio albums and are best known for their song “California”, which became the theme song for the Fox TV series “The O.C.”