Music from the U.S./India – Norah Jones

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Norah Jones, born 1979 as daughter of Ravi Shankar and Sue Jones is an US american soul, jazz, pop and blues singer born in Goa, India. Here’s her song “Sinkin’ Soon“:

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15 thoughts on “Music from the U.S./India – Norah Jones

  1. Norah Jones is one of the reasons why I LOVE to sing and play the piano…. been playing Jones for nearly 6 years now… Piano has now been a HUGE part of my life and being for 17 years. Love it, cherish it and most of all enjoy playing Jones. She touches a part of your music-heart apart from anyone else. It’s a different kind of jazz, blues, medley… glad to see you included her among the Indian categories. Very glad indeed!! Do write more about her! :) // E (Sweden)

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