Music from the UK – Perunika Trio

“Perunika is a blossom named after the mythical goddess of spring and eternal youth who is said to make rain when she milks her cloud-cows[…]”
– The Independent On Sunday, 16th March 2008

The Perunika Trio consists of Eugenia Georgieva, Dessislava Vasileva and Jasmina Stosic. They are Bulgarian, and sing the serbian folk song “Mito Bekriyo” in England! That is how World Music should be like, shouldn’t it?

Music from Bulgaria – Angelite (bulgarian voices)

This will be a double -posting , first i want to introduce this folk-group “Angelite ”  – with their song Pilence Pee. Since the late 80´s these 24 women sing together in this special choir. If you need further information have a look on the homepage of “Jaro Medien Deutschland”

Why a double posting ? i found out , that another artist – Lil Wayne – used parts of this piece in his song – King Carter – see and hear  the result in the next post.