Music from Chad – Mawndoé

Mawndoé is a great musician from Chad, who released his first solo album in 2012. The years before he started his solo career, he played together with Smarty in the Burkinabé duo Yeleen. For me, Mawndoé is one of the greatest african musicians with his great voice and the nice guitar sounds. Listen to his great song “On survivra”:

Music from Burkina Faso – Generation Partage

Generation Partage is a burkinabé group formed by Yeleen and Floby(search them up on our blog!) talking about poverty, money, love and peace. Here’s their song “Le riche et le pauvre”:

Music from Burkina Faso – Yeleen

I already told you about Yeleen a great Bukinabé duo. Here’s their song “Ca Ne Connait Pas“, together with Magic System:

Music from Chad – Mawndoé

Updated song:

Mawndoé from the groupe Yeleen has released his first solo album “Daari”! Here’s the great song “Que des Hommes“(in english: Just some men), the second one from the album in a short time, but it’s so nice!!!!
Little refrain lyrics: Nous sommes que des hommes, un peu fou, pas parfait, aussi faux, aussi vrai, nous sommes que des hommes….
In english: We are just some men, a bit crazy, not perfect, also false, also right, we are just some men…..

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Listen to Alfarhan here

Xandi’s Charts 2011

Today, I’ll show you my own 2011 charts: Continue reading “Xandi’s Charts 2011”

Music from Burkina Faso – Yeleen

Today, I would present you one of my favourite “bands”-the hip-hop group Yeleen from Burkina Faso, with Smarty and Mawndoé:  “Chemin de l’exil”, from their first album “Juste 1 peu 2 lumière“. Modern rap, with elements of African folk music, reggae and afrobeat represents their feelings perfectly. In the year 2007 they got the  Kundé d’or” for the best artist from Burkina Faso. This is an old post…..

Music from Burkina Faso – Yeleen

Another great song, from one of my favourite bands, Yeleen. I’ve already presented you Deux Camps and Chemin de l’exil. Here’s their song “Tibet“, I know, it’s a difficil theme, but their style is nice: