Music from Germany – Xandixx

Hehe, my second one. Very similar to “Steps” so I called it “Steps 25”, but it’s a different style.

Music from Germany – Xandixx

Hehe, as you’ve seen I created my first little track. I thought Xandixx would be a nice name: strong as the Gauls, and including Xandi. And the best: the name wasn’t used often so far! Xandixx was born in 1995 and still likes sport! ;)
So I’m just a hobby producer, and want to share my sounds with you. I called it “Steps” and would be so glad if you’d share!!

Xandi’s Best of 2012

As last year, I’d like to have a short review of 2012 in my music highlights. My charts of 2011.

Best Albums(which I found 2012):

Music from the US – Wamdue Project

The Wamdue Project was an US-american electronica project of Chris Brann, Chris Clark and Chris Udoh. Their single “King Of My Castle”, from 1999 was a #1 in the UK:

Music from Zimbabwe – Mbira DzeNharira

You know, I really like mbira music, so it’s time for more: The Mbira DzeNharira is a zimbabwean music ensemble playing Mbira songs. Here’s their great song “Tozvireva Tingaputike Neshungu”:

Listen to Kumatender

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