Music from Germany – Xandixx

My latest little song. Just one minute long and absolutely different from the other pieces! “Winter Sadness”:

Music from Norway – Mount Washington

Mount Washington (former Washington ) was founded 1999 in Tromso /Norway , they call their style elegic popmusic . Fits perfect to the beginning harvest , when the weather began to get colder and you sit in front of your computer^^ here is their song “Black Wine ”

Music from the US – Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester, born in 1986, is an US-american model, actress and singer. Here’s her song “Summer Girl”:

Music from Sweden – Prop Dylan

As you already know, rap isn’t my most favourite music, but there are always some kinda good songs. So, this here is a nice track called “Can You Imagine“, from Prop Dylan, a swedish rap and soul musician:

Christmas songs: Music from the UK/US – David Nevue #55

Actually this isn’t a real christmas song, but it doesn’t matter, when I’m hearing this, I’m thinking about autumn and winter. This evening, me and 4 other boys and girls will play this on the guitar on our very little music atelier concert. Here’s David Nevue’s “Greensleeves“- a very old english folk song – version: