Music from Norway – Mount Washington

Mount Washington (former Washington ) was founded 1999 in Tromso /Norway , they call their style elegic popmusic . Fits perfect to the beginning harvest , when the weather began to get colder and you sit in front of your computer^^ here is their song “Black Wine ”

Music from the US – Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester, born in 1986, is an US-american model, actress and singer. Here’s her song “Summer Girl”:

Music from Sweden – Prop Dylan

As you already know, rap isn’t my most favourite music, but there are always some kinda good songs. So, this here is a nice track called “Can You Imagine“, from Prop Dylan, a swedish rap and soul musician:

Christmas songs: Music from the UK/US – David Nevue #55

Actually this isn’t a real christmas song, but it doesn’t matter, when I’m hearing this, I’m thinking about autumn and winter. This evening, me and 4 other boys and girls will play this on the guitar on our very little music atelier concert. Here’s David Nevue’s “Greensleeves“- a very old english folk song – version:

Christmas songs: Music from Argentina/UK – Chris De Burgh #60

From today to december 25th we will present you 60 christmas songs-not just from the US and the UK, also from Africa and South America! Here’s the second Chris De Burgh song, “A Spaceman came travelling“:

To the other authors:
Of course, you could post christmas music from all over the world too. But if you see that there are already two christmas songs for the day, please post the song another day. Would be glad if every of you writes about 5-15 songs until december 25th. More questions???-Just ask me ;)

Music from the U.S. – Joshua Radin

Today, and yesterday, it was very cold here, it was snowing, raining, etc., so I present you the adapted song “Winter“, from Joshua Radin, an acoustic and folk musician from Cleveland, Ohio. This song is also known from the TV series”Scrubs “….

It was a music suggestion from “Dayyan“: