Music from France – Camille

Camille was born and raised in Paris, France. As a teenager she studied ballet and developed an interest in bossa nova music and American stage musicals. She attended the prestigious Lycée International de Saint Germain-en-Laye where she obtained her baccalaureate in literature.
She signed a recording contract with Virgin Records in 2002. Released her first studio album Le Sac des Filles. In 2004, she started working with Marc Collin and his band Nouvelle Vague, which incorporates new wave and bossa nova music.

Here is her song “Waves ”


Green room

Surf. West Australia

Iker Fuentes, deep in the tube at Gas Bay. West Australia.

In surfing, the green room is the inside of a barrel that is produced by a wave. This term was coined due to the colour of light reflected into the barrel. Others terms: tunnel, cylinder, pit, shack, hole, keg, the womb, the Pope’s living room