Music from Brasil – Ary Barroso

Aquarela do Brasil (Watercolor of Brazil), known in the English-speaking world simply as “Brazil“, is one of the most famous Brazilian songs of all time, written by Ary Barroso in 1939.

The story behind : Ary Barroso wrote “Aquarela do Brasil” in early 1939, when he was prevented from leaving his home one night due to a heavy storm. Its title, a reference to watercolor painting, is a clear reference to the rain. He also wrote “Três Lágrimas” (Three teardrops) on that same night, before the rain ended.

The song was featured prominently in the 1985 Terry Gilliam film Brazil, which was named after it. It was recorded by Geoff Muldaur in the soundtrack, i love both film and soundtrack , really awesome .

the original song became famous , featuring it in the 1942 Disney cartoon , it has been the first  song from brasil which was played over a million times in US radio.

and this is one of the oldest original versions with Francisco Alves , recorded 1939.