Christmas Song: Music from Switzerland – The Dentals

The Dentals are a swiss band, formed in 2002, while they were waiting in the waiting room of a dentist. We featured them already, but actually they’re still too good not be blogged 100 times!
Until christmas, of course we’d again feature some christmas songs, so, here’s the first: “Letscht Wiehnacht”, a cover of Last Christmas:

Find out more about them here

Music from the UK – Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin, born in 1992, is an extreamly talented british folk, indie-folk and pop singer and musician. Here’s her great song “Home”, released in 01/2012:

Music from Portugal – A Jigsaw

Updated Song for Anabela:

A Jigsaw is a portuguese blues-folk, indie and pop band formed in Coimbra by John Rui, Jorri and Susana Ribeiro. While listening to them, you will remember to familiar voices. I hope you’ll enjoy! Here’s their awesome song “The Strangest Friend“: