Music from Barbados – Rihanna

Did you ever notice that the glamour-pop singer Rihanna is from Barbados? I didn’t so far! But she was born in Saint Michael on Barbados in 1988. Today, she’s best known for pop, R&B and even dancehall and hip-hop music and as an actress. Of course, her music reaches the charts regulary and won already many awards. Here’s a great remix(I prefer the remix instead the original) of her song “Umbrella”. Updated song for you!

Ron Jambo: The Exclusive Interview

You remember Ron Jambo, a great indie pop band from Munich. Yesterday, they sent me an interview, which we worked out in spring 2012 ;)

Our interview partner is Tobi, thanks so much!

World Music: How did Ron Jambo become a band?
Just left a band and was looking for people to start something new. Olli moved to Munich in fall 2009 and also needed something to start over, musically speaking. From a bank assistant he somehow got a list of people he knew were looking for a band. Olli mailed me, we both were interested, we jammed and TADA! It worked ;) After rehearsing for almost a year with a drummer I knew from my old band, we found Andy in March 2011 and started to play gigs then.

Music from Jamaica – Ini Kamoze

Ini Kamoze, born in 1957, is a Jamaican reggae musician. Here’s his perfect in xworldmusic fitting song “World a Music”:

Music from Austria – Nikolaus Kalita

Nikolaus Kalita, born in 1943, is an austrian pop musician. In 1982, he started a dou with Sabine Kopera called Nickerbocker & Biene. Here’s his nice song “Hallo Klaus”:

Music from Greece – One Hour Before The Trip

One Hour Before The Trip is an experimental indie band from Athens. Listen to their song “Albatross”:

Music from Germany – Achim Reichel

Achim Reichel is a german singer and musician from Hamburg, born in 1944. Here’s his nice song “Aloha Heja He”:

PS: I’m sorry but I was away for a long time. Thanks to Stan and Marí!!

Soundtrack Special #4: Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer

Let’s continue this serry with another movie from my childhood! Here’s the sondtrack of “Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer”. Great memories, loving these films……


Music from Germany – Hans Söllner

After nearly two weeks of cycling through the Alps with my mountainbike and friends and family, I’m back ;)

Here’s the song “Mountainbike”, by Hans Söllner:

Music from the US – Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine is the stage name of Samuel Beam, an American indie folk musician, who was born in 1974. Listen to his great song “Cinder and Smoke”: