Music from Turkey – Cem Karaca

Cem Karaca, born in 1945 was a turkish rock singer who died in 2004. After an military coup in 1980, many intellectuals were arested, and so he left for an exile in Germany. My friend Emre is a big fan of him – for right! Listen to his amazing song “Oh Be”, including the “most turkish” instrument, the saz, or baglama. It’s a bout his wish to come back to his homeland Turkey. But he wasn’t allowed…

Listen to Mein Deutscher Freund

Music from Turkey – Çilekeş

Çilekeş (pronounced “Chilehkesh”) formed in 2002 in Ankara.  They are an alternative rock band which received greater fame after winning the music contest “Genç Yetenekler Aramızda” (Young Talents Among Us).