Music from Turkey – Kardeş Türküler

Kardeş Türküler is a project of about 20-25 members to perform interpretations of anatolian folk songs. Listen to the awesome song “Haware Gule”:

Music from Turkey – Feridun Düzağaç

Feridun Düzağaç, born in 1968 in Adana, is a turkish rock musician. His music is very melancholic and pessimistic, really as my friend Emre, who sent this song to me. Listen to his damn good piece “Beni Unutma”:

Music from Turkey – Abdal

Abdal is a great turkish world and folk music group .Listen to “Dün Gece Seyrim Icinde”, from 2012:

Music from Canada – Roxanna

Roxanna is a canadian pop music singer from Ontario, Canada. In her music, you can realy hear her world-wide influence. Here’s her great new single “Unforgotten”:

Music from Turkey – Barış Akarsu

Barış Akarsu, born in 1979, was another musician who died too young. In 2007, he died after a car crash. He is one of the most popular anatolian rock musicians ever. Listen to his great song “Islak Islak”:

Music from Turkey – Cem Karaca

Cem Karaca, born in 1945 was a turkish rock singer who died in 2004. After an military coup in 1980, many intellectuals were arested, and so he left for an exile in Germany. My friend Emre is a big fan of him – for right! Listen to his amazing song “Oh Be”, including the “most turkish” instrument, the saz, or baglama. It’s a bout his wish to come back to his homeland Turkey. But he wasn’t allowed…

Listen to Mein Deutscher Freund

Music from Turkey – Murat Dalkılıç

Murat Dalkılıç, born in Izmir, is a turkish musician, who first wanted to be a basketball player. Listen to his song “Kader”:

Music from Turkey – Grup Dergah

Grup Dergah , founded 2007 in Turkey . A group consisting of 4 member , playing Sufi music , music with a religious background. Here is their song Allahümme Salli ala Muhammed ,recorded 2011 , once in the studio version and another one in a live performance in the Turkish TV .