Music from Japan – Electric Eel Shock

” Rock n Roll can rescue the world !” what a great message from these three guys from Japan, Osaka founded 1997.  Inspired by british and american  hard rock bands like Black Sabbath , Judas Priest , Twisted Sisters and Van Halen they play a straight and good garage guitar hard and heavy wonderful awesome ( is there another superlative i forgot ??9 rock , here is their song  with the same name ……..


double peace,  my friends ^^


Music from Germany – Senor Coconut and his Orchestra

Senor Coconut aka Uwe Schmidt aka Atomic Heart is a german musician and sampler . When he settled 1997 to Chile he started to sample music in latino style as for example the title “Autobahn ” from Kraftwerk.

Uwe Schmidt is also the founder of the network MACOS which tries to fight against the Copyrighting of samples

Music from the US – Wise Intelligent (PRT )

Wise  Intelligent is the front man of the US rap trio Poor Righteous Teachers founded 1989. Here is their song “Iluminati ” a really unique and interesting combo of different styles …..