5 songs as a Madiba tribute

No words. Just tribute to one of the greatest personalities of the last century.

Simple Minds (Scotland) live in 1990 with their Tribute Nelson Mandela :

The Memeza African Choir (South Africa) featuring Marika Hattingh and a group of international musicians with “The Rainbow Song”:

Johnny Clegg (UK/South Africa) with his song “Asimbonanga”, live in 1999 together with Nelson Mandela:

Trenton and Free Radical (South Africa) with their song “Mr. Mandela”:

Ciza tha Journalist (South Africa) with his song “Lion of Africa”:

Tony Succar: Unity – The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson

For a while, I didn’t write an album rescension, but no worries, I’ll write one today ;)

Tony Succar: Unity – The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson

Genre: Latin, Salsa, Tropical Pop


Three years of work, recording at several studios(e.g. Miami, Orlando), with more than 80 professional musicians, in tribute to the King Of Pop: Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.

Tony Succar, born in 1986 in Lima, Peru, is an US-american music producer and indie record label owner who develops this “Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson“. Including great musicians and singers, e.g. Tito Nieves and La India, this awesome album reinterprets Michael Jackson’s 14 greatest hits, as “I Want You Back”, from the Jackson 5, into an amazing mix of tropical pop and latin music. The appeal of this album is to show all the world how beautiful Big Band Orchestration, Latin and Caribbean sound can be, while you’re still remaining true to Michael’s artistic integrity. Maybe so, the latin music audience could increase, if you’re start listening to latin music in familiar textes. Another aim is to unite people, create peace through music and dissolve barriers between all countries on the world. With “Unity” would show us, that all people love music and dance, just as Michael envisioned.


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Music from the US – Tenacious D

Tenacious D is an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1994. Composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jack Black and lead guitarist and vocalist Kyle Gass. Here is their song “Tribute – the greatest  song of the world ”


Music from Burkina Faso – Charly Feat. Alberto

This song is a tribute to Djata Ilebou, an artist from Burkina Faso, who died very young. Although it’s very sad, I always liked this song from Charly ft. Alberto:

Music from the US – Eminem

You actually know, that I’m not a really big fan of rap. But Eminem couldn’t be missing here. He was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, in 1972. Here’s his song “Difficult“, a tribute to his friend Proof(1973-2006):

This was a Music-Suggsestion from Emre, aka Optik :D

Music from Malaysia – Sheila Majid

Sheila Majid is a Malaysian jazz singer. Here’s her song “Lagenda“, a tribute to the pioneering Malaysian entertainment icon, the actor, director, singer, song-writer P. Ramlee.

This was a Music-Suggestion from Lone Grey Squirrel, thanks!

Music from Portugal – Amália Hoje

Amália Hoje, is a project(under the directon of Nuno Goncalves, from the Gift) to do tribute to Amália Rodrigues (a fado singer), from Portugal. Here’s their song “Soledad“:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Marília, obrigado!