Music from Portugal – Celina da Piedade

Celina da Piedade fell in love with the accordion in her childhood, and gaved her first concert at the age of 6, in Castro Verde (in the south of Portugal). Her entusiasm for traditional dance and music made her one of the most proliftic musicians in this area in Portugal. She participated in hundreds of balls and folk music workshops. She dedicates herself activelly to the study and promotion of the musical heritage from Alentejo. She’s a co-author of the book “Caderno de Danças do Alentejo”, edited by “Pé deXumbo” Association, and she’s a member of “Violas Campaniças” group.

Her beautiful song “Roubei-te um beijo”

Music from Kuba – Orishas

Orishas – one of the best known modern  cuban musicgroups also called “Buena Vista Youngster Club” (according to Buena Vista Social Club ) Their music is therefor a mix of traditional music like the cuban son and modern dance music .

here a rather modern version

Music from Portugal – António Zambujo

António Zambujo grown in the Alentejo, where he began studying clarinet at the Conservatory Regional. He was eight years old. Upon finishing the clarinet studies, went to Lisbon, where he was accepted at the renowned Club Fado in Alfama, Lisbon, directed by Mario Pacheco, interpreter and composer of the Portuguese guitar.
He was selected by Filipe La Féria to play the role of Francisco Cruz, Amalia’s first husband, in the musical “Amália”.

I chose this beautiful love song called “Zorro”

Music from Georgia – Unknown artist

This song is about georgian hospitality of the people in the georgian region Racha . According to my FB friend Nana from Tiflis(New York  , it´s full of sayings. Enjoy the great mix of modern music and traditional georgian choirs, the dance , the costumes and the beautiful pictures of this small country at the black sea- Georgia