Music from the UK – Happy birthday Pete Townshend (70)

„I hope I die before I get old“ lyrics from his great song “My Generation” from 1965 , which reached place two in the UK charts this year in November 25th. 1965 , the year when the Beatles released “Help”, the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” .

Pete Townshend was and is still the head of the Rock group “The Who ” born May 19th 1945.

Music from the UK – Quatermass

Quatermass was a music trio which was founded 1969 in the UK , the band existed only 2 years and released only one album – really a – one album wonder –  !!! Their music describes the music style of Rock music in the 70´s ,  you can mention other bands like Emerson Lake and Palmer , Deep Purple or The Who , if you want to give examples for other bands of their music genre . They had one hit “The black sheep of the family ” but i prefer this one – Gemini

Music from the UK – The Who

The Who are a great english rock band, formed in 1964. This post is for Roger Daltrey, celebrating his 68th birthday today. Here’s their song “Love Reign O’er Me“, in a live version, because the other video isn’t available in Germany:

Listen to See Me, Feel Me too!

This was a Music-Suggestion from Russel, thanks!