Music from Germany – The BossHoss

The BossHoss is a band from Berlin, named after the song “The Real BossHoss” by The Sonics. They started covering Pop-Songs in a country music style. By now rhythm guitarist Hoss Power writes most of the songs, just like their so far most popular single “Don’t Gimme That”.

Music from the US – The Sonics

The Sonics is a Rock n Roll band from Tacoma in the US State Washington founded 1960 , they had a regional success with several titles as the witch , but  the original band fell apart in 1968.  In 2007 something unusual happened , The Sonics reunited again and recorded this song ( i wonder why they don´t use it in a Jeans commercial already ). The White Stripes named The Sonics as one of the bands that influenced them the most, calling them “the epitome of ’60s punk” and claiming they were “harder than the Kinks, and punk long before punk” This song is from their 2007 album “Psycho ”