Music from Turkey – Emre Aydın

Emre Aydın, born in 1981, is a great turkish pop-rock singer-songwriter. Here’s his nice song “Beni Unutma“, for my turkish friend Emre:

Soundtrack Special #5: Pünktchen und Anton

Will present you 5 great soundtracks. They are not so popular, but they’re great. Here’s the soundtrack of Pünktchen und Anton, a german movie. When I was still a child, I liked the film, and now remembered its music:

Music from Portugal – Quim Barreiros

Quim Barreiros, born in 1947, is a popular portuguese singer and accordeon musician. Here’s his song “Os Bichos Da Fazenda”:


Music from Australia – Cloud Control

Cloud Control, formed in 2007, are an Australian indie rock band. Here’s their nice song “Pursuit of Happiness”:

Eurovision Song Contest: Turkey – Can Bonomo

Can Bonomo, born in 1987, is a turkish musician, and candidate for Baku 2012. Here’s his nice song “Love Me Back”:

Music from the UK – Blanck Mass

Blanck Mass is Benjamin John Power, a young musician in thrall to Carl Sagan, Ennio Morricone and the infinity of nature, both universal and personal. His song/soundtrack “Chernobyl“, makes me think about the nuclear crisis, and I think, we should stop nuclear energy!