Music from Barbados – Rihanna

Did you ever notice that the glamour-pop singer Rihanna is from Barbados? I didn’t so far! But she was born in Saint Michael on Barbados in 1988. Today, she’s best known for pop, R&B and even dancehall and hip-hop music and as an actress. Of course, her music reaches the charts regulary and won already many awards. Here’s a great remix(I prefer the remix instead the original) of her song “Umbrella”. Updated song for you!

Music from Germany – David Keller

David Keller is a german deep techno, house and minimal music producer and remixer from Heidelberg. Have a listen to his great remix of “Little Lion Man” from Nina Nesbitt:

Music from Germany – Jules Heffner

Jules Heffner is a talented german electronic music producer from Munich, best known for his work in the project Alles Wird Gut. Listen to his awesome amazing track “Around & Around”:

Music from Germany – Marek Hemmann

Electro and minimal got very popular in the last years, and here in Germany we’ve some great musicians! Marek Hemmann, born in 1979 in Gera, is one of them! Here’s his great album “Freude am Tanzen”: