Ego vs. Emo – Ego vs. Emo

I think it was about one year ago, when I wrote the first time with Tobi from Ego vs. Emo. Now, they released their first album ‘Ego vs. Emo’ on September 20 2013.

Ego vs. Emo: Ego vs. Emo

Genre: Electro, Balkan, Fusion

Ego vs. Emo is a german electro, balkan and fusion band from Göttingen. The three musicians are playing a live violin, saxophone and drums and are completed by a soundman on stage. Their music is a really interesting mix from balkan to electro through deep melodies and harmful sounds. Continue reading “Ego vs. Emo – Ego vs. Emo”

Music from Germany – Akim Camara

Akim Camara, born in 2001 in Germany, is a violinist, who began playing in the age of two years. We already often posted about him, but his progress is still interesting. Listen to him playing the “Präludium und Allegro” by Fritz Kreisler in 2013:

Music from the UK – Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin, born in 1992, is an extreamly talented british folk, indie-folk and pop singer and musician. Here’s her great song “Home”, released in 01/2012: