Music from Argentina – Eduardo Falu

Eduardo Falú (July 7, 1923 – August 9, 2013) was a well-known Argentine folk music guitarist and composer. His parents, Fada and Juan Falú, were Syrian immigrants. He died on August 9, 2013, at his home in the city of Córdoba; he was 90. (wiki)

Here is his song “Zamba de la Candelaria ”

Music of Syria – Farid El Atrache

Farid el Atrache ( also al-Atrash and al-Atrasch; born October 19, 1915 in al-Suwayda, Syria; † 26 December 1974 in Beirut, Lebanon) was a Syrian -Egyptian composer, singer and actor.

Hekayet Gharami a song withing a movie stared by Magda an Egyptian Star Acress of the late 50, 60, 70 until…Co-stared Farid El Atrash the singer of this song.

Music from Syria -Samih Shuqair

How shameful , how shameful ! Song by Samih Shuqair.

A sad song about the events of the black Wednesday in Daraa city in Syria 23.03.2011
in that day the syrian security forces have killed many unarmed demonstrators for freedom. More than 90 % of the shots are in the head and in the chest as you can see in the videos!. how sad is that?

I don´t want to show the original video , with subtitles but with original pictures of this day it´s too brutal , i´m really ashamed and i´ve got no words