Music from Belgium/ Switzerland – Pixie Paris // Electro Pop

Pixie Paris, consisting of Cindy (vocals) from Belgium, now living in Hamburg and the Swiss musician Matete is a very interesting project. Have a listen to their nice song “Es Rappelt Im Karton”:

Music from Switzerland – Christian Zehnder

Christian Zehnder is a singer, componist and musician from Sitzerland. He is really a voice artist , combining the Jodeling from his home country with the overtone singing from Mongolia .

Watch him sing “Picnicwith a monk ” a live performance in the chappel of Romainmontier

and a documentary , featuring Hun Huur Tur from Mongolia (with english subtitle)


Christmas Song: Music from Switzerland – The Dentals

The Dentals are a swiss band, formed in 2002, while they were waiting in the waiting room of a dentist. We featured them already, but actually they’re still too good not be blogged 100 times!
Until christmas, of course we’d again feature some christmas songs, so, here’s the first: “Letscht Wiehnacht”, a cover of Last Christmas:

Find out more about them here

Music from Switzerland – Plassix

Plassix is swiss DJ and electronic music producer. Here’s his great relaxing song “Impulsiv”:

Music from Switzerland – Eliana Burki

Eliana Burki born 1983 in Solothurn , Switzerland  , a Jazz musician from there , is well known for playing the alphorn . She established the term ” Funky Swiss Alphorn” in Funk, Pop and  Jazz songs .

Here is her title “Vaccum Funk ” ( really crazy )

Music from Switzerland – 77 Bombay Street

77 Bombay Street was founded 2007  in Switzerland by the four brothers Matt ,Joe ,Esra and Simri Ramon . They play Indie and Folk rock , here is their song “Up in the sky ”

Thanks to my dear friend Myriam from Switzerland who introduced  today evening this band to me , which she admires a lot ……

Music from Switzerland – Boy

Boy is a Swiss-German pop duo founded in 2007 by singer Valeska Steiner and bassist Sonja Glass. The two met while at a pop-music course at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg in 2005. The band initially played concerts exclusively,before being discovered and signed to Herbert Grönemeyer’s label, Grönland Records, in 2011.[3] Their debut album, Mutual Friends was produced by Philip Steinke and released in the autumn of 2011. The band sings entirely English in a style reminiscent of that of Leslie Feist.(wiki )

Here is their newest single “Little Numbers ”