Music from the World – Santa Maradona F.C. // Electro

On their Facebook page Santa Maradona F.C. bescribe themselfs “an experiment… an anonymous collective of globe-trotting musicians and producers dabbling with genre meddling soundscapes and collaborations. Formed truly ‘on the road’ SMFC came together via chance encounters in bars, clubs, fairs and festivals… one a guitarist in a touring rock band, one an international dj/producer another a famed percussionist and others still from the creative arts, hairdressing and… the odd engineer”. Their first single “Give Me Sunshine” is absolute worth listening. Amazing!

Music from France/Canada – Simple Plan

Simple Plan is a french-canadian pop band, formed in 1999. Listen to their great song “This Song Saved My Life”:

Music from Greece – DJ Angelo

DJ Angelo started his DJ journey in the age of 16. His talent of mixing and producing nice relaxed house sounds has propelled him into being a prominent and well – known name in the house music scene not only in his home country, Greece, but internationally as well. Listen to this awesome ‘DJ Angelo Fantasy’ Remix’ of “Africa” from Melissa Nkonda:

Music from Germany – Jules Heffner

Jules Heffner is a talented german electronic music producer from Munich, best known for his work in the project Alles Wird Gut. Listen to his awesome amazing track “Around & Around”:

Music from Germany – Oceana

Did you  notice the start of the the Euro 2012 today? Think so! Oceana is a german pop singer, born in 1982. Here’s her official UEFA Euro 2012 song “Endless Summer”:


Music from the US – Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is an American singer-songwriter. Derulo was born in Miami, Florida, to Haitian parents. His birth name is Desrouleaux, but he changed the spelling for his stage name to make it easier to pronounce. Derulo has been performing since the age of three. He wrote his first song, “Crush on You”, at age eight.
I first listened to his song “Breathing” during my Easter holidays. I was together with good friends and it was sunny already. It was a very nice time. Whenever I hear the song on the radio now I think of these days. I like how Jason Derulo exaggerates ironically: “I only miss you when I’m breathing / I only need you when my heart is beating”
By the way: I’m Dayyan. Im new here. I like all kinds of music and I like playing the guitar.

Music from France/Canada – Simple Plan

Updated song for the first warm days here:

Simple Plan is a french-canadian pop band, formed in 1999. Here’s their great song called “Summer Paradise” ft K’naan:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Fragezeichen, thanks!

Music from the US – Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald(1917-1996), was an US-american jazz and swing singer, also known as the First Lady Of Song. Here’s her wonderful song “Summertime“, from 1940, a real jazz classics, which we listened to last week in our music lesson: