Music from Kosovo – Zig Zag Orchestra

The Zig Zag Orchestra is a world and pop music group from Kosovo. Listen to their great piece “I Dehur Jam”:

Music from Belgium – Think Of One

Think Of One are a belgian funk, afro and jam band from Antwerp. Listen to “Um Paletó”:

Music from Germany – Klaus Weiland

Klaus Weiland, born in 1947, is a german folk guitarist and singer-songwriter.  Here’s probably the most popular fingerstyle piece in Germany, “Das Loch in der Banane”:

Music from Germany – Nicone & Sascha Braemer

Nicone and Sascha Braemer are an electronic duo from Berlin, Germany. Here’s their nice song “Caje”. You’ll like it ;)

Music from Uganda – Babe Cool

Bebe Cool (born 1 September 1977) (real name Moses Ssali) is a ragga musician from Uganda. He started his career around 1997  , Kenya, but a few years later he moved back to his native country. Here is his song “Missing You”

Music from Portugal/Angola – Buraka Som Sistema

Buraka Som Sistema is a portuguese angolan kuduro group. When I first listened to kuduro, I must admit, it was strange to me, but now, it’s good :D . Here’s “IC19”:

Music from Mexico – Salma Hayek

Did you realize that Salma Hayek, a Mexican actress is also known for her music? Here’s her nice song “Siente Mi Amor”: