Music from Angola – Mr. Wonder

Bráulio Éfrem da Silva, aka Mr. Wonder, is Angolan songwriter and music producer from Luanda, performing hip-hop, soul and R&B. Mr. Wonder never released a CD but is one of the most expressive musician of the urban and street music. Influenced by 2pac Shakur, Fugees and BOSS AC, he started sing on his teenager. in 1999 with friend created a band called “BMCJ”, and recorded a freestyle tape with American bits that was a huge success.

In 2002 with a cousin and Lil M (C.D.A), Rajiboy and the late NHA LISANDRA created the “RBoys” band and the song “Vamos Tchilar”, directed by Boy DC and V.A.Z was also a huge success on radio and TV  In 2005 with Mallaryah (BDF music productions), Black Boys, MGC and Sinatra they created The WonderBoyz Entertainment. Here is his song “Teu baby”


Music from the US – Brothers Moving

In my opinion , we should give especially the unknown bands a chance , i surfed today searching for the background story of the song “Surfin Bird ” from the Ramones ( i know it´s from the Trashmen) and then i found these charming guys , a four man street combo playing in the streets of NYC – Brothers Moving . and can´t still stop hear it haha , does anybody know the title of the song ??

Music from the US – Grandpa Elliot

Grandpa Elliot is a cool street musician from New Orleans who also has been featured in the Playing For Change song Stand By Me. Here’s his nice song “Nothing You Can Do”: