Music from Sweden – The Glade

The Glade is a folk and americana rock band from Stockholm. They were formed in 2008 by Tobias Gustavsson, Nils Janlöv and Jonas Carping. Later in 2012 the drummer Martin Karlsson joined the band. Their melodic rock is influenced by heavy elements and reminds me a bit of post rock. The released their album ‘What Turns On The Lights’ on Feb 17th 2014. Listen to their nice song “On Our Own”:

Music from Sweden – Jennie Abrahamson

Jennie Abrahamson is a Swedish pop singer and songwriter. Born in  Sävar nearby  Umeå, she now lives in the Södermalm district of Stockholm. After singing and playing in several bands, she started in 2006 her solo career . Since 2006 she recorded three solo album , which have been successful in sweden , germany and France .

She established  together with Friska Viljor and Anne Brun her own record label (How sweet the sound).

She has been on Tour with Peter Gabriel as a background singer, the song “Snowstorm” has been recorded in october 2013 in germanyduring ths tour  .


Music from Sweden – Koop

The Swedish music group co-op consists of the jazz musicians and producers Zingmark Magnus and Oscar Simonsson. Zingmark and Simonsson met in 1995 in Uppsala, but soon moved to Stockholm, where they recorded their debut album in 1998 which appeared Sons of Koop. The musical style ranges from Nu Jazz, Easy Listening and Ambient.(wiki)

When listening to Koops music it’s somehow easy to believe that it’s played by a small orchestra, but in fact the music is based on samples. Thousands of small clips from records puzzled together into new songs. All the drums, strings, horn sections and choires are actually sampled! This is a very time consuming way to make music (it’s one of the reasons it takes such long time to make a koop album), but it’s the only way to create the surreal Koop sound. One thing though, that for sure aren’t sampled, is the vocals. Many singers has blessed the Koop albums with their talent, and on Koop Islands the singers are : Ane Brun, Yukimi Nagano, Hilde Louise Asbjornsen, Rob Gallagher and Mikael Sundin. Koop Island Blues is sung by Ane Brun and is taken from the album “Koop Islands”. JF Julian directed the video in Paris. Starring french actor Mia Jacob. (youtube)


Music from Sweden – Antonia Vai

Antonia Vai is a 24-year old talented swedish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She’s well-established on the music scene of Stockholm and has been titled as a “bohemian soul diva“, but has clearly been influenced by folk. Focused on storytelling, shaped by rhythms and unique melodies, every song turns into a journey. In September 2012 she released her debut album “Lovers and Prophets“, a tribute to forbidden love and sanctifications. In the same turn, she released “Dirt from when the Earth was flat“, an album with gathered homemade productions.

Listen to her full album Lovers and Prophets”:

Listen to “Down in the water”:

More information: Official Site  // Facebook

Music from Sweden – Those dancing days

Those dancing days is a 5- girl group formed 2005 in Stockholm,  Sweden . The band name remembers on the Led Zepplin song “Dancing Days” ; they´ve started their career on myspace and , without selling a single before , they have been nominated for the “Best swedish act ” in the 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards , here  is their song “Fuckarias ”

Music from Sweden – Jan Johansson †

Updated song:

Jan Johansson (16 September 1931 – 9 November 1968) was a swedish jazz musician and pianist. Here’s his great song “Polska Från Medelpad“:

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