Music from Sierra Leone – SMAC

Sierra Leone complained for more than 50 days not a single case of Ebola. This are  great news and great News should be celebrated. In Western countries, one  would have a press notice released  and allow ministers to visit hospitals. But West Africa works differently: the  SMAC sends first a beautifully optimistic music video in the world. We twerk with them

Music from South Africa – The Black Hotels

Formed in 2006, The Black Hotels from South Africa are an alternative rock group from Johannesburg. Listen to their nice song “I’m The Ghost”:

5 songs as a Madiba tribute

No words. Just tribute to one of the greatest personalities of the last century.

Simple Minds (Scotland) live in 1990 with their Tribute Nelson Mandela :

The Memeza African Choir (South Africa) featuring Marika Hattingh and a group of international musicians with “The Rainbow Song”:

Johnny Clegg (UK/South Africa) with his song “Asimbonanga”, live in 1999 together with Nelson Mandela:

Trenton and Free Radical (South Africa) with their song “Mr. Mandela”:

Ciza tha Journalist (South Africa) with his song “Lion of Africa”:

R.I.P Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (born July 18, 1918 in Mvezo, Transkei, South Africa, † December 5, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa) found last freedom today

Music from South Africa – Simon & the Bande À Part

Simon & the Bande À Part are a South African indie folk and rock trio from Cape Town. They consist of Simon on vocals and acoustic guitar, Eric Michot (aka Mr Kito) on bass and Ross Campbell (Urban Creep, Benguela, Fetish) on drums and released 4 albums so for. Listening to their song “Blinking and Breathing”, I was just so amazed! It’s even more than wonderful, wow man.

Music from South Africa – Trevor Johnes

Trevor Johnes, born in 1949, is a South African film score composer. Listen to his soundtrack of “The last of the Mohicans”:

Music from South Africa – Donald Moatshe

This is something special for you. It’s the World Music post #3,500! So our music blog includes 3,500 songs from nearly all countries right now. Hope you like our work.

Donald Moatshe, just known as DONALD is a South African dance and pop musician. He’s really one of the greatest talents from South Africa. Listen to his great track “Over the Moon”:

Music from Canada/ South Afrrica – Sigauque Project

Sigauque Project is the creation of Canadian-born Daniel Walter, a radio producer and musician who heads up a media company specialising in communication for social change, CMFD (Community Media for Development) Productions, based in Johannesburg. The group combines musical influences from across Africa – from a new take on Marrabenta to Senegalese Mbalak and Nigerian Afro Beat, with some smooth sounding jazz thrown in the mix, a pan-African musical journey. The music was originally created as part of music projects across Africa addressing issues such as human rights, gender, xenophobia, etc and is now performed by the Maputo-based band. Listen to their piece “ZI Clip”:

Music from the UK – The Special A.K.A.

The Special A.k.A. are a 2-Tone Ska band from the UK. They have been formed by Jerry Dammers after 1981  , a former member of The Specials . With “Free Nelkson Mandela ” they had a Number 1 Hit

Here is a video of an early rehearsal of this song with an introduction by Jerry Dammers – ” Dammers Good !!!!”

By the way “Happy 95th birthday Nelson ” !! X

You know today is Nelson Mandela day , take 67 minutes to help your neighbour , really a good action !

Free Nelson Mandela is a song by Jerry Dammers, that was recorded by  his band The Special AKA . Free Nelson Mandela was released in 1984 and is a protest song against the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela. The song is an uptempo rock song with lots of influences from the South African music. The single release reached # 9 on the UK charts and, in some countries such as New Zealand, a number-one hit, but also in Africa, the song was very popular.