Soundtrack Special #3: The chorus

They’re already popular on YouTube, and think you know them too: Les Choristes from The Chorus Here’s “Caresse sur l’océan”:

Soundtrack Special #5: Pünktchen und Anton

Will present you 5 great soundtracks. They are not so popular, but they’re great. Here’s the soundtrack of Pünktchen und Anton, a german movie. When I was still a child, I liked the film, and now remembered its music:

Music from Belgium – Greendjohn

Greendjohn is a beligian instrumental, sountrack and ambient musician. Here’s his nice song “Happy Sadness”:

By the way, he gives you the chance to download his music on Jamendo.

Music from the US – Kid Cudi

Here’s a great remix of Pursuit Of Happiness from Kid Cudi, an US-american rapper. This song is also part of the Project X soundtrack. Turn up the bass^^

Music from the Nitendo :D

Actually, I had no idea what to write about where this awesome a capella musician is from, so I decided the Nitendo, because many of us problably played “Super Mario“. That’s the theme song soundtrack: