Eurovision Song Contest: Azerbaijan – Sabina

Azerbaijan will be the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, and here’s their candidate called Sabina with her song “When the Music Dies“:

Eurovision Song Contest: San Marino – Valentina Monetta

Today, more Eurovision Song Contest music, and the candidate from San Marino, Valentina Monetta,a pop singer born in 1975 with her song for Baku called “Una Giornata Bellissima“: :)

Eurovision Song Contest: Romania – Mandinga

Today, Romania’s candidate for Baku: Mandinga, a pop band with cuban and romanian members. Here’s their song “Zalilah“:

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Eurovision Song Contest: Russia – Buranovskie Babushki

Today, we present you the Eurovison Song Contest band taking part for Russia: Buranovskie Babushki. Here’s their song “Party For Everybody“:

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Eurovision Song Contest: Ireland – Jedward

Today, we present you the candidate Jedward, an irish pop and hip-hop duo by identical twins. Here’s their song “Waterline“:

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Eurovision Song Contest: Lithuania – Donny Montell

Today, another artsit who will represent his country in Baku at the Eurovison Song Contest in 2012. Here’s Donny Montell, a pop musician from Lithuania with his song “Love Is Blind“:

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