Music from Scotland – Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol are an alternative band out of Dendee, Scotland that formed in 1994.  The band has released six albums.  This is by far my favorite song of theirs, a truly beautiful song, “Chasing Cars.”  Also watch our previously posted song,”Shut Your Eyes.”

Best of worldmusic review for 2012 – February

It took me half an hour to check it out , Xandi and the others worked very hard this February , and here are the Nominees of the jury ( YOU ) place 1 to 3 from the month February

34 likes (Whitney died February 11) we will always love her

26 likes ( i love this and you loved it too, an unknown street musician )


and a lot of musicians with 23 likes as example Muse – Snow Patrol -The Cure Crosby Sills and Nash