Music from South Africa – Seether

Seether, formed in 2002 in Pretoria, is a South African grunge rock band. They won several awards and are one of the most popular african rock groups. Listen to their great song “Afghanistan War”:

War should stop!

Music from South Africa – Prime Circle

This rock band formed in 2000.  They are one of the best selling South African bands and received numerous awards in South Africa.  They have a new album Jekyll & Hyde and have embarked on a European tour with Seether and 3 Doors Down.  Those of you in Germany, The Netherlands and Austria look out for this great band.  This is their single “Never gonna bring us down” off their new album

Music from South Africa – Seether

This is probably the greatest band to come out of South Africa and have had huge international success.  This band was formed in Pretoria, South Africa in 1999, and have received great international recognition since then, their latest album reaching #1 on US Rock charts.  Enjoy “Fake it” Seethers #1 hit single in 2007.