Music from Turkey – Feridun Düzağaç

Feridun Düzağaç, born in 1968 in Adana, is a turkish rock musician. His music is very melancholic and pessimistic, really as my friend Emre, who sent this song to me. Listen to his damn good piece “Beni Unutma”:

Music from the UK – Fleetwood Mac

35 years after its original release — Rumours is back.  The landmark album is being re-issued in two packages with bonus material, out-takes and live recordings to mark the band’s reunion tour.  A three-CD version, contains the original album, bonus tracks and the live material. For Mac maniacs, a ‘deluxe’ edition, is  bolstered by further outtakes, a DVD and copy of Rumours on vinyl.

Music from the UK – UNKLE

UNKLE are a British musical outfit founded in 1994.  It is difficult to categorize the genre, some say trip-rock, trip-hop.  I just really love this song which features the lead vocals of Ian Astbury, former front man of The Cult.  The song opens with a short burst of acoustic guitar before building upon the pulsating, insistent beat for which UNKLE (James Lavelle and Richard File) are known for.  This is a very cool video – What do you do if you’ve only got three and a half minutes to live? We watch a character go through shock, panic, frustration, anger and eventually acceptance.

Music from the US – Nada Surf

In two days i heard /read two times the name of this Band – Nada Surf – Thats why i became curious and take  a look . Nada Surf is an American alternative rock band. Formed in 1992, the New York band consists of Matthew Caws (guitar, vocals), Ira Elliot (drums, backup vocals) and Daniel Lorca (bass, backup vocals). Here is their song “Whose authority”

Music from the UK – White Lies

White Lies are an English rock/pop band that formed in 2007.  In 2009 they released their debut album To Loose My Life … and in 2011 they released the album Ritual.  This is their very cool song and video “Bigger Than Us”, the video is a homage to Steven Spielberg’s 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.   The character of E.T. is played by a large “Bigger than Us” candy bar which contains a young girl.  There are many references to the film featured in the video.

Music from the US – Aerosmith

Most of heard of this legendary American rock band that formed in 1970 and most can recognize the vocals of lead singer Steven Tyler.  The band have released 15 albums and are not ready to hang up the hat!  They have announced the release date of their new album Music From Another Dimension! which is August 28th.  Aerosmith have released the first single from this new album and here it is.  Do you think they should retire, or should they rock on!

Music From the US – Mewithoutyou

This American indie/rock band are extremely unique in that their albums tell a story.  They have just released their 5th studio album Ten StoriesTen Stories is an allegory of songs.  It follows the narrative about a circus train crash in the 19th Century.  You will be introduced to a talking elephant, fox and tiger through the music.  Listen to the whole album, it is an amazing true story.  This is track 5 on the album “Elephant in the Dock”.

Music from the US – Cherri Bomb

This is an alternative rock band from the LA area – and what makes them unique?  The average age of this all female band is 13 years old.  Their new album is called This is the End of Control and this is their song “Spin”  Rock on girls!

Music from Japan – Ogre You Asshole

Yes strange name indeed, it is apparently a line from the movie “Revenge of the Nerds”.  OYA are a rock band that formed in 2001, they have released 4 albums and state their biggest influence is the US band “Modest Mouse”.  This is their song “Tomorrow”.