Music from the US – George Jones R.I.P.

George Jones (born 12 September 1931 in Saratoga, Texas, † April 26, 2013 in Nashville ) was an American country musician. He was considered one of the best singers that has ever spawned the genre. He died yesterday at the age of 81.

Here is his song “White lightning ”

Music from the US – Richie Havens R.I.P.

A glory moment at the Woodstock Festival – a cry for freedom , impressive – Richie Havens an US American Folk singer became famous with this song , 400000  people at the festival heard his voice and stood up for freedom

Richie Havens died yesterday at the age of 72 by a heartattack.  Richie has been the unplanned opening act of the Woodstock festival , because the stars could not get through the crowd in time . With his songs “Freedom”, “High Flying Bird” or  “I Can’t Make It Anymore” he fascinated the public also with his cover versions of “Eleanor Rigby” or “here comes the sun”  (beatles)

In his 30 years active time as a musician he published 30 longplayer

Music from Boston – The Boston Song

“So Good”, also known as the Boston Song is a song written by Vincent Sneed & Eytan Nicholson for the american city of Boston. This is for all the ones, having had this hard week of terrorism…

Music from Norway – Jenny`s Vision Project

Jenny`s Vision Project is a pop ballad music project from Norway, started in 1991. But they went different paths and Øivind Kristian Stavik invested in a home studio in 2012. So, they’re back, and already released some tracks. Their nice song “The Greatest Faith with vocals” was written in 1996 after one of Jenny`s Vision members mother died. Dedicated to her, but also hope it will be helpful for others:

Update: The first song was released in the last days.

And here in its instrumental version:

Music from the US – Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, born in 1963, was an US-american soul, pop and gospel legend. She died exactly one year ago on February 11st in 2012 because of drugs. RIP. Listen to her nice song “One Moment in Time”:

Music from Zimbabwe – Sam Mtukudzi †

Today, I will present you the Zimbabwean musician Sam Mtukudzi(April 1, 1988 to March 15, 2010)  who died already in the age of nearly 22. He was the son of Oliver Mtukudzi, a great Zimbabwean musician, and played the saxophone and the guitar. He died March 15, 2010 in a car crash with his sound engineer, Owen Chimhare of head injuries at the scene.

R.I.P. Sam Mtukudzi , you’ll never be forgotten, as great personality and as talented musician.

His song Amai is very nice…

Music from India – Ravi Shankar R.I.P.

Ravi Shankar  born 7 April 1920 in Varanasi, † December 11, 2012 in San Diego, real name Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury was an Indian musician and composer who played the stringed instrument sitar.

He inspired the Beatles and became a hippie icon  in Woodstock, in  India, he was a superstar: the musician Ravi Shankar. Now he has died aged 92 in California.(the same age as Dave Brubeck a few days ago , you remember ? )

Music from the US – Dave Brubeck (R.I.P.)

Bad news , Dave Brubeck died today at the age of 92 ! in Norfolk Conneticut. Dave was one of the most famous Jazz-pianist, composer and bandleader of the US .

Here is his masterpiece “take five” (composed by his bandmember Paul Desmond from the Dave Brubeck quartett )