Music from Iceland – Amiina

Amiina is an icelandic  indie pop and neo-classical band, formed in 2004. Listen to their song “What are we waiting for”:

Music from Iceland – Berndsen

Icelandic music evenig, still a classic for me ;) Berndsen is another great pop, electro and dream wave group from this small nordic country. Listen to their awesome good song “Lover in the dark”, my daily special for you. Including a great video too.

Also listen to their great song “Supertime”:

Music from Iceland – FM Belfast

FM Belfast is an electronica band from Iceland, formed in 2005. Listen to their great song “Underwear”:

Music from Iceland – Bubbi Morthens

Bubbi Morthens, born in 1956, is a singer and songwriter from Iceland. He is very popular and sold many albums in Iceland, but not so many in the rest of the world. Here’s his nice song “Sem Aldrei Fyrr”: